Donald Trump Jr. Completely Embarrasses President Obama, Rips Him Apart “He’s Our Best Salesman”

Kirsters Baish| As you may already be aware, former President Barack Obama has been working the campaign trail to help support Democratic candidates in the quickly approaching 2018 midterm elections. Donald Trump Jr. has explained, however, that he feels Obama has been aiding the Republicans with his campaigning rather than the Democrats.

“Without question, he’s our best salesman,” Trump Jr. explained to Breitbart News during an interview conducted on Saturday.

The former President has come back onto the political scene in order to slam the Trump White House in a series of multiple speeches. He has claimed credit for Trump’s booming economy, all while bashing the current administration repeatedly.

“I mention this just so when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started,” Obama stated in a speech delivered on September 7th at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, according to a Vox transcript. “When the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers and suddenly Republicans are saying it’s a miracle, I have to kind of remind them, actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016 and — anyway. I digress.”

While being interviewed by Breitbart, Trump Jr. explained that Obama should continue on the campaign trail.

“No one with a brain actually believes he did anything good for our economy or for our foreign policy. Everyone saw that anything he did basically put America at risk and made us weaker,” Trump Jr. said.

He continued, “Guess what? Countries, whether it’s foreign policy-wise or whether it’s business-wise, they realize you have someone now that actually cares about America in there, that’s actually doing it – not someone who’s going to make us look weak where you can walk all over us because that’s the precedent that he set. We’ve changed all that.”

He explained that Obama’s desperate pleas to take credit for our country’s current economic state were hilarious, reminding of the former President’s heavy-handed tax programs.

“Because his policies of over-taxation, oppressive regulation, guess what? That didn’t do anything,” he insisted.

He explained that Americans are showing a positive response to the current administration’s work on the economy.

“There’s a reason why on November 9, 2016, all of those matrices shot up like a rocket. It’s because businesses, employers, people realized you got someone who’s actually going to fight for you, not fight just for special interests, not fight for people in countries that hate our guts, but actually fight for real Americans,” Trump Jr. said. “That’s what happened, and when consumer confidence started going up the day my father won because they knew he wasn’t going to oppress them, everything started following.”

He also explained that he is pleased to hear that Hillary Clinton will be working on campaigning as well. She is set to be a part of numerous Democratic National Committee fundraisers leading up to the midterm elections, as reported by CNN. Donald Trump Jr. explained that this is great for Republicans.

He explained, “That’s the other one. I love for her to be out there. The more she’s out there, the better it is for us.”

Conservative Tribune writes:

Trump Jr. also poked fun at an infamous moment from Obama’s anti-Trump efforts two years ago. During a town hall meeting in 2016, as The Hill reported, Obama claimed Trump would not be able to fulfill his promises to fix the economy. The then-president had asked if Trump had a “magic wand” to use on the country.

Trump Jr. went on, “Okay, remember when Obama said you need a magic wand to make that happen? Well, abracadabra, Obama. We’re doing it.”