Fmr FBI Agent Reveals Bombshell About Upcoming IG Report That Has Comey Counting Down To His Final Days

Kirsters Baish| In January of 2017, Congressional Democrats requested that the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General launch an investigation into the behavior of the top ranks of the Department of Justice and the FBI, particularly previous high profile investigations which took place prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a preliminary report in April which resulted in former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe being fired for having lied to investigators in regards to unauthorized leaks to the press. McCabe will like be facing criminal charges when things are all said and done.

Many are under the impression that Horowitz’s final report will come out at some point this month. It is likely that the report will be especially critical of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey as well as many of his personal cronies, Time reports.

A retired FBI agent-turned-CNN analyst tweeted about the situation on Wednesday, warning that the soon-to-be released report would be even “worse than expected.”

CNN law enforcement analyst James Gagliano tweeted, “Sources with knowledge of the impending DOJ Inspector General Report confirm that it will be a fairly damning indictment of FBI’s seventh floor during the Comey era. ‘It’s worse than expected,’ seems to be the consistent theme.”

The director’s office is located on the seventh floor as well as other top officials associated with the FBI’s leadership.

Conservative Tribune reports:

A “damning indictment” of the FBI’s top leadership during the era in which Comey was in charge would seem to indicate that the disgraced former director and those closest to him could soon be facing some serious trouble once the IG’s report is finalized and released.

The article from Time suggests the IG report will largely focus on the mishandling by Comey and his staff of the Clinton email investigation during 2016, in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was cleared of wrongdoing even as she was found to be in possession of classified government documents on an unauthorized and unsecured private email server.

The report might also include other FBI failures, like missing mass shooters and terrorists who they knew about before committing deadly crimes, as well as other high profile cases.

By other high profile cases, we might be talking about the counterintelligence investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. This claim now seems to have no ground to stand on as it appears to be based off of the salacious and fabricated Trump “dossier,” which by the way was funded, in part, by the Clinton campaign.

The majority of us have also grown extremely impatient of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ lack of action in regard to holding anyone accountable for these failures. We must note that Sessions announced a while back that he had assigned federal prosecutor and United States Attorney John Huber from Utah to lead a team which has been working alongside Horowitz in order to prosecute possible crimes which may have to do with the Inspector General report.

Conservative Tribune writes, “It is highly likely that concurrent with or shortly after the release of the IG report, there will also be a slew of indictments handed down from Huber, which could very well include Comey, McCabe and many of their associates within the agency. Rumors indicate the IG report will be released on or around May 18, so Comey and friends likely have a short while until their misadventures in the FBI over the past few years will be revealed.”

Things are not looking good for James Comey, and it’s only going to get worse from here.