Obama Admin Officials Commit Sedition On A Grand Scale, Urge Allied Nations To Revolt Against America

Elder Patriot – The desperation of a growing number of former Obama administration officials in openly violating the Logan Act is very telling. 

Earlier this month we documented former Secretary of State John Kerry’s treasonous defiance of the act when he held a series of unauthorized meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.  This came on the heels of Kerry’s late January head to head with a close associate of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, Hussein Agha and an unpleasant picture emerges.

As we charged before, terrorism is big business and the beneficiaries of those trillions of dollars that American taxpayers thought was going to pay for their safety has been a global cabal that includes politicians and corporate CEO’s who don’t give a damn about us.

On Thursday, two more Obama officials, Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson, unmasked themselves in a New York Times op-ed that was titled “Europe Doesn’t Have to Be Trump’s Doormat.”

Simon had served as Obama’s National Security Council’s senior director for the Middle East and North Africa.  Stevenson had been regional director for political-military affairs.  Obama’s commitment to building Iranian hegemony across the Middle East and North Africa began before he was ever president.

Read the roles they held in the Obama administration again.  They are neck deep in crafting the details of this deal.

In their op-ed they argue that European leaders should withdraw their diplomatic emissaries from the United States.  To what end?  To side with Iran, and Russia and China who are the only other signatories to the deal?  Wasn’t that just the canard they were trying to hand around Donald Trump’s neck?

Their argument reads a lot like George W. Bush breaking from Trump to vote for Hillary, doesn’t it?  For those paying attention Bush’s decision has never been properly explained because it can’t be.  Understand, there is no right or left, no Democrat or Republican.  There is only the cabal and the taxpayers they steal from.

The foundation that Simon and Stevenson build their suggestion the Europe cut ties with the U.S. is as flawed as the Iranian deal itself.  The two wrote:

“Isn’t this what states do when diplomatic partners breach solemn agreements, expose them to security risks and threaten to wreak havoc on their economies?”

They know as well as anyone that the Iran nuclear deal is fatally flawed because the economic benefits our allies are reaping is based solely on growing the Iranian security risks to our partners.

More importantly, this deal is not a treaty.  It was never ratified.  They are asking the American people and the people of the world to be beholden to a bad deal made by a corrupt cabal and forced on those people by a dictatorial Manchurian president.

Yet Simon and Stevenson risk their reputations to defend the deal.  Ask yourself why anyone would do that unless they were going to be implicated in the criminal investigation that has been ongoing since President Trump took over?

Ask yourself why our nuclear stockpile was left to rot while $150 Billion was given to Iran to build a modern, cutting edge nuclear stockpile?  Then remember how willing Trump was to sign the omnibus just to get a measly, by comparison, $68 Billion for our military.

Ask yourself why we spent trillions of dollars developing the reach of our intelligence community to where they can locate you in less than a second, tailor every ad to you personally in milliseconds, but they choose not to stop school shootings or terrorists before they act?

Ask yourself, why that intelligence community can’t find a single shred of evidence, after two years, of President Trump’s wrongdoing?  They probably would’ve known everything there was to know about Donald Trump in a couple of seconds.

Meanwhile, the Intel community’s partners, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc., have grown exponentially to become the largest companies in the world.

Ask yourself, why do they all fear Trump?