While California Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Caravan of Illegals, Texas Has BIG Surprise Waiting For Invaders

Kirsters Baish| Illegal immigrants make their way across the border in caravans in flocks of more than 1,000 at a time, but no one knows where they go after entering the country. We are all aware that the state of California has dubbed themselves as a sanctuary state, but what about the good old state of Texas? It’s no secret that California officials will be welcoming illegal aliens with open arms if they end up there, but you can be sure that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has other plans for illegals if they make their way into his state.

Abbott posted a tweet on Sunday which served as a reminder to everyone that it isn’t only United States Customs and Border Patrol agents who are protecting the border of Texas. Abbott also claimed that he has deployed National Guard troops to protect the border.