When Cornered, Obama Adviser, Ben Rhode’s, Excuse For Giving Iran Billions Of Dollars Is Unbelievably Disgusting

Kirsters Baish| We recently learned that the Obama administration had tried to find a loophole in economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic and allow Iran access to our country’s financial system as a piece of the Iran nuclear deal. The Obama White House also tried to allow Iran to obtain a license that would let the nation change billions in foreign currencies that they had into euros. The way they would do this is by using United States money and United States banks. This kind of transaction is illegal in our country.

As it seems, the offer was never taken up by any of our country’s financial institutions. Thus, no exchange took place, however some Congress members are unhappy because officials of the Obama administration had stated while under oath that there was never any negotiations involving giving Iranian access to our country’s financial system.

The Washington Examiner reported that Obama’s former senior adviser, Ben Rhodes, recently spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. It seems that Rhodes left some answers open ended.

Rhodes clearly tried to stave off the questions as to whether this issue took place prior to the deal or afterwards.

Conservative Tribune reports of the interview:

When Blitzer pointed out that no U.S. banks wanted to participate in the scheme — as they rightly viewed it as in violation of sanctions — Rhodes blew that off as no big deal since the exchange never occurred.

“First of all, this was a single license that was granted that was never even used,” Rhodes said. “And the fact that, here we are, (Republicans) got what they wanted, they tore up the Iran deal, they scrapped the Iran deal.”

During the interview Rhodes stated, “Instead of actually putting forward a policy for nuclear weapons going forward, they are investigating things in a partisan way that happened years ago. And frankly what is more concerning to me is the fact that a few days ago, the supreme leader of Iran said they’re going to resume the nuclear enrichment activities. That is what we should be worried about here.”

Take a look at the interview segment below:

When Blitzer went on to ask Rhodes if anyone had ever told Congress about the Obama White House’s idea to allow Iran to have access to the one-time license, which would allow the country to have access to our country’s financial system, Rhodes decided to skate right around the question.

Rhodes basically stated that because the plan was being enacted “at the end of the administration,” and stated that Congress had been told by other officials that the United States “would have to take steps to allow Iran access to its own money,” which in his opinion would cover the “routine license” that the Treasury Department had issued.