What Trump’s “Nazi” Border Patrol Did To This 6 Year Old Child Migrant Seems To Be of No Interest To The MSM or Democrats – They Saved His Life After Being Left For Dead By “Loving” Smuggler

Kirsters Baish| The leftists of America really have become totally “unhinged.” They have continually blamed the Trump administration for the temporary separation of illegal immigrant families at the shared border between the United States and Mexico, despite the fact that the policy had been in place throughout the Obama administration and nothing was done to stop it. The way the left painted the picture, it made it seem as though the entire Trump family and all of the Trump administration were standing at the border, waiting to take crying children away from their mothers. This simply is not the case.

The left have pushed the narrative to the point that they have actually compared President Donald Trump to Nazi Germany Dictator Adolf Hitler. They have compared refugee centers to “concentration camps” of Nazi Germany. The problem with these claims? They are outright ridiculous.

If you have half a brain, you know that the situation is nothing like the situation that the left is making it out to be.

Conservative Tribune explains, “The administration has attempted to push back by noting that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrant children held in U.S. custody are those who arrived at the border unaccompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and that those who do arrive with their parents are typically reunited once the parents have been processed and prosecuted for their crimes.”

The Daily Wire reported on a story that truly disproves the liberal narrative that our government is set on destroying the lives of immigrant children. Just take a look at a tweet sent out by our country’s Border Patrol this week:

During a routine patrol on Saturday, Border Patrol agents found a six-year-old Costa Rican boy who was left for dead in the desert by smugglers. All the young boy had with him was a small, tattered backpack.

United States Customs and Border Protection agency issued a media release in which they stated, “Agents discovered the child west of Lukeville, Arizona, and just north of the border, in temperatures over 100 degrees.”

“The child told agents he was dropped off by his uncle and that Border Patrol would pick him up. He added that he was on his way to see his mother in the U.S.,” the media release from CBP explained. It went on to say that the young boy was taken to Tucson, Arizona, where he will be processed as an unaccompanied minor.

“This incident highlights the dangers faced by migrants at the hands of smugglers. Children, in particular, are extremely vulnerable, not only to exploitation but also to the elements in the environment,” the release read.

The release also explained that “Arizona’s desert is a merciless environment for those unprepared for its remote, harsh terrain and unpredictable weather.”
As the Daily Wire explains, the man claiming to be the boy’s “uncle,” who left the child close to the border was likely smuggling or trafficking. He could have also been a “coyote.”

The Daily Wire went on to explain that around 11,000 of the 13,000 illegal immigrant children being held in refugee centers were found alone at the border, with no parent in sight. This destroys the liberal narrative that President Trump tore families apart at the border.

Now, with Democrats calling for the abolition of ICE, we must look solely at the facts. If it weren’t for these Border Patrol agents, this young boy would likely have died in the desert, alone and afraid. Is that what the Democrats want? Young children dying alone in the desert? The call to abolish ICE truly is one of the most ridiculous moves that we’ve seen from the Democratic Party recently, and that’s saying a lot.