What Mueller & His Gang of Thugs Is Doing To Paul Manafort In Prison Is Sadistic, Sick & Tyranical – 23 Hours of Solitary Confinement Each & Every Day

Elder Patriot – Special Counsel Robert Mueller would fit right in quite nicely with the Gestapo or  KGB, thank you. In fact he might be able to teach them some things about treating targets inhumanely in order to get them to compose.

It’s hard to understand why former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is in prison at all.  He has not yet been found guilty of any crime, he is a non-violent offender (if he is eventually proven to be guilty), and the reason given for his imprisonment as he prepares for trial is sketchy, at best.

But, what really makes Mueller’s handling of Manafort is his demand that Manafort be kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours each day.

Here’s the court order:

It appears that Mueller became concerned that Manafort had contacted one or more witnesses in the case and there is a concern he was tampering with their testimony.  That would be fine if Mueller would provide him with a witness list so he could’ve known which of his associates to avoid. But, Mueller won’t provide that list to him.

Meanwhile, Manafort needs to prepare for two federal criminal trials.  The first is scheduled to begin July 25 in Virginia.  The other is scheduled for September 17 in Washington.  He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Given the fact that he poses no threat of violence to anyone, and that he has two trials to prepare for, both of which deal in complicated legal issues stemming from a decade ago, Manafort needs the time to prepare his defense with his counsel and should be given some consideration in this regard.

Instead, he is locked in solitary confinement, ostensibly for his own protection though if hard to see the necessity of that and such protection was not requested by Manafort or his attorneys.  Unless this is Mueller’s way of turning the screws on Manafort in an attempt to get him to start composing against Trump.

Mueller was ostensibly appointed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.  It’s hard to see what bank and tax fraud or failing to register as a foreign agent a decade ago have to do with Russian election interference.  

The longer this charade goes on the more obvious it becomes that this investigation was authorized without even a modicum of evidence to justify it.  If Mueller was the man of honor his backers claim he is, he’d never have taken on the job of bringing down a sitting president without something substantive to investigate.

Compounding the belief that Mueller is on a witch-hunt is the fact that neither of his two prized “witnesses” have themselves been charged with anything even remotely connected to Russian collusion:

  • Former National Security Advisor General Michael Flynn was charged with making a single false statement to the FBI despite the fact that both agents who interviewed him reported that it was their impression that Flynn had been entirely forthcoming with them.
  • Manafort is charged with crimes that are a decade old that may be more a result of bungled or missing paperwork – not uncommon for these issues by the way.

Manafort may be a dirtbag and he may be found guilty of the charges against him but that won’t change the fact that Mueller is also a dirtbag for the manner in which he is going about “softening” up his target and depriving him of his right to prepare a proper defense.

Where are all those on the left now who feigned concern about the treatment of terrorists being held in Guantanamo?  Their treatment was was far preferable to Manafort’s.

Nothing will change the fact that Mueller sits at the head of a wholly corrupt hierarchy charged with finding some way of stopping Trump before Trump drains the swamp.