What George Soros Gave Oregon’s Radical Leftist Gov Days Before She Defied Trump’s Order Exposes Everything

Elder Patriot – We’ve never been a fan of Oregon’s radical-leftist governor, Kate Brown.  From ordering the funding of abortions for illegal aliens to gutting the Second Amendment protections of Oregonians, she’s never been interested in bi-partisan common sense approaches to governing.  She is Jack Dorsey’s ideal jack-booted political leader.

Now, she’s at it again.  She’s following the chapter in the new Democratic playbook that was authored by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and that was perfected by B. Hussein Obama, that contorts the laws of our country to sell out the interests of her citizens to the highest bidder.

Williamette Week has reported that Brown has accepted an unprecedented $25,000 campaign contribution from George Soros.  Soros is best known for his Open Borders Society through which he has funded migrant crisis across the globe in an attempt to destroy the targeted nations’ sovereignty rights.

Soros has spent a sizeable portion of his vast wealth on destroying the borders of sovereign nations across Europe by ignoring laws and creating chaos.  Now he is targeting his poisoned money to buy the allegiance of state policy-makers like Kate Brown.

Three days after receiving Soros’ check Governor Brown announced that she was going to defy President Trump’s call to send the National Guard to protect our southern border.  There are no coincidences in politics.

Sensible Oregonians have grown disgusted with Brown’s continuation of Barack Obama’s policies leading Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bill Currier to release this statement:

“Kate Brown has consistently ignored problems facing everyday Oregonians and has instead used the office of Governor to make herself a national left-wing celebrity. Now, Brown is cashing in and taking big campaign donations from notorious leftist puppet master, billionaire George Soros.”

“We need a Governor who tackles crime, faltering state agencies, and the PERS pension crisis, and a leader who will rescue our bottom performing K-12 schools and stop the out-of-control spending and endless tax increases. Kate Brown is more interested in wooing George Soros and the out-of-state, leftist, super-rich donor class than truly confronting the serious problems at home. Now we know who she really works for.”

“Oregon voters have yet another reason to send petty politician Kate Brown packing by ending her disastrous governorship this November.”

That’s not campaign rhetoric, either.  A year ago Brown had a 58% approval rating.  Then she unmasked and signed a bill forcing taxpayer-funded abortions for illegals.  Almost immediately she followed that up a couple of weeks late by instituting draconian gun control measures on the citizens of her state.  By February of this year her approval rating had plummeted to 45%.

Perhaps Brown wouldn’t have suffered such a massive drop off had she not stolen another page from the Democrats’ big-government playbook and overseen the mismanagement scandals at various agencies across the state. 

Add to that her tax-hike agenda and the worst may yet be ahead for Oregon’s Brown.