Wells Fargo Tells The Left To Get Lost, Takes Big Stand For Gun Rights

Kirsters Baish| Our country has been in the midst of a brutal gun control debate ever since the Parkland, Florida high school mass shooting. We’ve seen companies pull their advertisements from Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” after host, Laura Ingraham, got into an online debate, via Twitter, with Parkland student turned anti-gun activist David Hogg. Then there was Bank of America which cut their ties with the NRA after Hogg and his fellow activists pushed companies to go against the NRA. One bank has decided to go against the tide, however. Wells Fargo has decided not to put new financial restrictions of gun makers and sellers. They have stated that it is not a bank’s job to set the United States gun policies.

They have explained that they feel that firearm policy should be left to Congress to figure out.

Reuters reported that the bank’s chief financial officer John Shrewsberry explained, “The best way to make progress on these issues is through the political and legislative process. In the meantime, Wells Fargo is engaging our customers that legally manufacture firearms and other stakeholders on what we can do together to promote better gun safety in our communities.”

Wells Fargo has refused to enforce new regulations and stipulations on firearm manufacturers, and this shows a distinct split with Citigroup and Bank of America. Breitbart News reported on March 23, 2018 that Citibank is now requiring all customers who own gun stores stop selling long guns to anyone who is not 21 or older and to stop selling “high capacity” magazines, or they won’t be doing business with them any longer.

Breitbart reported:

They also ask gun stores to refuse to sell any gun until an extended background check comes back conclusive, even though federal law recognizes that a federal firearms license holder can legally sell a gun if a check lasts three days and no incriminating evidence against the would-be buyer is found.

It was just last week that Bank of America explained that they would not be doing money loans to any manufacturers who make what they classified as “military style firearms.”

On March 9, 2018, Breitbart News reported on March 9 that Visa announced that they have opted not to cut ties with semi-automatic rifle makers. In a statement proving sentiment similar to Wells Fargo’s, Visa said it was not their job to “[set] restrictions on the sale of lawful goods and services.”

It’s good to see some businesses leaving the laws of our country in the lawmakers’ hands.

Take a look at what Fox News’ Tucker Carlson had to say about Bank of America’s stance on the matter: