We Warned You: Social Media Giant Begins Purging Conservative Pundits’ Accounts – Free Speech Is Dead

Kirsters Baish| The Gateway Pundit has reported that liberally-run social media giant Twitter has officially permanently banned the Proud Boys official verified account as well as the founder/CRTV host’s personal account, Gavin McInnes.

The social media platform also banned all The Proud Boys Girls accounts, every chapter account, and Kyle Chapman’s account. Chapman is better known on the internet as Based Stickman.

While the account bans are permanent, there was no valid reason provided for the bans. It seems that all of the accounts were banned at the same time.

It was reported that all banned account holders were issued a warning claiming that if they were to attempt to begin new accounts, those accounts would be banned as well.

It also seems that the social media platform has banned all links leading to the Proud Boys webpage.

“This is all a coordinated attack to prevent Trump from getting re-elected. It’s pointless however because he’s already won and ironically, it’s because of moves like this,” McInnes explained to the Gateway Pundit.

McInnes also stated that the mainstream media is attempting to connect the recent ban to the quickly approaching Unite Rally, which the Proud Boys Founder has publicly denounced numerous times.

He stated to the Gateway Pundit that “the dumbasses on the left are saying were banned ‘before Unite the Right rally.’ I clearly disavowed that. It’s not our bag.”

Just a day before McInnes was banned from Twitter, he sent out a message that read, “it goes without saying the #ProudBoys won’t have anything to do with this. We are a multiracial club that eschews the alt-right and everything they and #occupyWallStreet’s Jason Kessler stand for. He’s a DNC operative.”

The account holder of the official Proud Boys page had similar things to say about the attack, alluding to the idea that it was all coordinated in an effort to silence conservatives.

The Proud Boys account owner explained to the Pundit, “It’s a coordinated attack to stop us from reaching people with our message.  White supremacists aren’t a problem for the left. They promote them at every turn and use them to scare their voters into voting for them. A group like ours that is unapologetically proud of their patriotism and one that includes men that are both gay and straight from all races and religions scares the shit out of the left and those trying to control us.  First they called us Nazis and when that failed they tried to silence us. We aren’t going anywhere. We will continue to grow. We will continue to win and they know it.  See you all on the next platform. YouTube, Apple, Twitter and Facebook are destroying themselves faster than we ever could.”

Twitter stated to Buzzfeed that the account was shut down based on their policy of banning “extremist groups.” Interestingly enough, there are still multiple Antifa pages up and running on Twitter.

If you’re interested in following McInnes, you can do so on his Instagram account as well as on CRTV.com.