We Now Have Undeniable Proof That Mueller Is Consigliere For Clinton Crime Syndicate

Elder Patriot – “Yes.  There is just too much evidence to trust Mueller.  It seems he is positioning himself to, either, find something to charge Trump with totally unrelated to Russia, impugn one or more of Trump’s associates solely for political purposes, or find nothing at all.” – Elder Patriot, June 17, 2017 (One month after appointment of Special Counsel Robert Muller)

Anyone following the trail of immunity deals that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has entered into cannot deny that assertion that we made one month to the day after Mueller’s appointment.  It became obvious by the people he chose to surround himself with at that time and it is more obvious today with the immunity deal he gave to Tony Podesta this past week.

To say that Mueller is running an investigation for the purpose of protecting a criminal enterprise can no longer be questioned.  

Immunizing Tony Podesta, who was partners with Paul Manafort, only with many more contacts to Clinton and the Russians, stinks.   

If President Trump were to pardon Paul Manafort the outrage from those charged with protecting the Clintons’ criminal syndicate would be deafening.  So where is the outrage for granting the even more deeply corrupt Podesta immunity?

The primary difference between Manafort and Podesta isn’t Manafort’s association with Donald Trump, it’s Podesta’s association with Hillary Clinton.  Tony Podesta may not have all of the dirt on Clinton’s criminal actions but he’s at the center of enough of her corrupt dealings.

Tony Podesta was a lobbyist in partnership with his brother, John Podesta.  John Podesta was Bill Clinton’ Chief of Staff and CEO of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  This means Tony knows where all of the skeletons are hidden when it comes to the members of both political parties who enabled (as in accepted payoffs from) the Clinton criminal syndicate.

We can conclude that because foreign money flowed like a river under the direction of Tony Podesta and his lobbying efforts.

Congressional co-conspirators in the Clinton crime family may masquerade as Democrats and Republicans but, in reality they are members of the same corrupt cabal that embraces globalism under cover of it being an acceptable political philosophy.  

This allows them to redistribute American taxpayers’ hard earned wealth across the globe with impunity.  It also allows them to sell our children into debt without repercussion. Finally it provides excuses for transferring important U.S. assets – i.e. Uranium, technology, and arms – to foreign governments in exchange for unfathomable amounts of cash.

How else do you think these crooks leave Washington filthy rich after decades working for a legislator’s salary while America descends further and further into debt?  Don’t be naive.

The decisions they make in their official capacities as senators, congressman and judges are protected under law no matter how severely they damage the nation or the Constitution they took an oath to protect.

Here’s where the immunity granted to Podesta becomes most damning to Mueller’s claim of objectivity.

Podesta only resigned from the Podesta Group following Mueller’s “suggestion.”  Without Tony and, with John’s connection to Clinton now worthless, the firm shuttered its operations only months later.  The Podesta Group was the third largest lobbyists at the time. Why the rush to close?

The answer lies in Mueller’s determination to protect the corrupt Washington establishment from a long overdue airing of its treasonous behavior and the prosecutions Americans deserve to witness..  

The Podesta Group had “earned” its money by running a rigged game.  Their clients included the Saudi monarchy, Sberbank (Russia’s largest bank), Uranium One, and Skolkovo.  

All of the group’s clients dealt with Tony because they expected that they were buying a direct line to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her ability to influence spending, legislation and policy.  And, they were. Brother John made sure of it. All that was needed was enough cash and anything was for sale.  Anything.

In just one instance, Tony Podesta’s brother John sat on the board of a company that accepted $35 Million from the Kremlin.  John never disclosed his association with the company that was clearly a Russian front.

All told they spent America $10 Trillion dollars further into debt while at the same time selling important national security assets to Russia and the Saudis, as well as to other Middle Eastern monarchies.

Through it all the Clintons enjoyed the protection of co-conspirators in Congress from both sides of the aisle.  The Clintons were protected because everyone got rich feeding off the sweat and assets of America, at the expense and safety of the people they were elected to represent. This included the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American service members in needless wars.  Everyone other than the American people, that is.

In just one instance Tony Podesta’s brother John sat on the board of a company that accepted $35 Million from the Kremlin.  John, a partner in the Podesta Group, never disclosed his association with the company that was clearly a Russian front.

If Mueller was truly determined to reveal the Russian connection to our government he would reveal how deeply tied to Putin’s government the Clintons’ finances are.  And how much of that money found its way into the pockets of Congressional fatcats.

The fact that Mueller has decided to bury any and all evidence against Clinton and her criminal co-conspirators tells you just how deep and pervasive the swamp is and just how corrupt Mueller and our FBI/DOJ has become.

They have declared war on Trump.  And, by doing that they have declared war on us.  We should treat them accordingly. The type of nation we bequeath to our children depends on it.