We Just Discovered The Real Reason Omarosa Is Turning On Trump & It’s Spells The Death Of The Democrat Party Forever

Kirsters Baish| Here is the real real Omarosa is trying to convince the world President Trump is a racist who used the “N word” on tape … Ever since Donald Trump announced that he would be running as a Republican in the 2016 presidential election, the mainstream media and Liberal America has been trying to tear him down. They have been painting him as a racist since the beginning, ignoring important details, like the fact that Trump was one of the first luxury golf club owners to welcome African Americans into his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. The media manages to take any situation and turn it into a war on Trump. The truth about why is becoming evident.

Donald Trump’s approval rating among African Americans reached it’s highest point ever on Monday, making it all the way to 31%. This is historical! It means that Trump’s approval rating among African Americans is up 13 points since the same time last year.

Throughout the past ten presidential election cycles, the highest rating among African Americans to vote Republican was 12% in 1996, which was for Bob Dole… until now.

If Trump is able to take 25 percent of the black vote, he would be able to take the 2020 presidential election without so much as a thought.

The Gateway Pundit reports that if Republicans were able to take just 25% of black voters from the Democrats, the Democrats would remain the minority party for years to come.

Popular conservative commentators Diamond & Silk appeared on Fox News recently to speak about the President’s growing approval rating. Take a look:

Diamond & Silk said it all. The problem with the way liberals treat blacks is clear. They constantly place all black people in a box together, as though they all share a singular brain, thinking and feeling the same way.

Take, for example, popular rapper Kanye West. For years, he played the role that liberal America created for him, a role that they convinced him was his, simply because they said so. When West decided to come out in support of President Donald Trump, even sporting an iconic red “Make America Great Again” hat, liberal America went ballistic. They painted the rapper as a mentally unstable traitor. Diamond & Silk said it perfectly, however.

Rochelle Richardson of Diamond & Silk explained, “If the ladies on the left, if they can wear their p***y hats, then certainly we can wear our ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.”

It’s time for the liberal bias to stop. The black community is quickly realizing that the Democrats and the media has been lying to them, and they are leaving the Party in droves, which proves that Trump is definitely not a racist.