Watch: White Supremacists Try To Take Over MAGA Rally, Then Trump Supporters Take Matters Into Their Own Hands

Elder Patriot – For my friends on the Left I hope this serves as their Great Awakening.  Where the Democrat Party consists of a cobbled together patchwork of competing interests that has begun splintering and spewing hateful rhetoric and committing acts of violence due to their sense of helplessness, Trump’s supporters have embraced the unification of all of the peoples of America.

Today’s MAGA rally stands as proof that there is one side that has kicked hatred and bigotry to the curb.  Take a look at this video taken during the rally where proponents of MAGA – Trump supporters and Proud Boys – demand that the white supremacists who showed up leave immediately.

Jack Posobiec posted a powerful video of the action on Twitter:

If you’re wondering how this can be it’s because Trump supporters watched Obama fan the flames of racism for eight long years in, what could only be considered, an attempt to divide us.  

In the process everyone took the hit – whites, blacks, hispanics.  Now we have resolved to rise as one from the ashes of the Obama years.  =

Everyone is welcome so long as you understand WWG1WGA.