WATCH: Parkland’s Emma Gonzalez Talks About Gun Control & Then Her True Intentions Slip Out … Ooopps

Kirsters Baish| The Parkland, Florida anti-Second Amendment activists are back in full swing after yesterday’s horrific mass shooting at a Santa Fe, Texas high school. Now, we’ve heard both Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg say that they don’t want to confiscate guns from Americans. Hogg was quoted saying, “No, seriously. We don’t want to take away your guns.”

Clearly, they are hoping to take our guns away. Emma Gonzalez stated:

It’s just cheaper to take away the guns that aren’t imperative to living in America. You don’t need an AR-15 to protect yourself in bed from a robber at night. You don’t need an AR-15 to have fun at a shooting range. Go join the Army if you want to have fun shooting off a weapon and serve your f***ing  country.

Gonzalez made one big error in her statement since she’s trying so hard to convince America that she isn’t trying to totally disarm us. She stated that you should “Go join the Army if you want to have fun shooting off a weapon and serve your f***ing country.” She wasn’t talking specifically about AR-15’s. She was referring to all weapons.

Pretty ironic that those brave Americans joining the Army are the same ones who are defending the United States Constitution, which says that we have the right to bear arms. Emma Gonzalez would know this if she spent a little less time yelling on CNN and a little more time learning our country’s history. It’s time to stop blaming Trump supporters and the NRA for violence in our country. reports:

Regarding Chicago, the overwhelming majority of gun deaths are from handguns, not Ar-15s. Anyone who’s ever bought a gun out-of-state knows all handgun sales must be completed at an FFL in the buyer’s home state. A Chicagoan can pay for a handgun in any of the 50 states, yes. The out-of-state dealer ships the gat to a dealer in Illinois. The purchase is then subject to Illinois law. So yeah, it’s not quite as simple as “go next door and be back in thirty minutes flinging lead.”

Take a look at the video below: