Watch: Federal Officers Pushed To Limit, Unleash Hell On Crowd of Anti-ICE Protesters

Kirsters Baish| It seems like liberals these days are always coming up with something to be angry at the Trump administration about. The left has been trying to blame Trump for every issue (and non issue) in our country. Their latest ridiculous narrative is that the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is evil… therefore they have called to abolish ICE.

The former Director of ICE, Tom Homan, spoke to Fox News, explaining that Democrats are giving Americans misinformation to push them into supporting their ridiculous idea to abolish ICE. reports:

A bill to be introduced by Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan (D) looks to put an end the agency, but still allow for immigration laws to be enforced.

Pocan said that the agency is being “misused” by President Donald Trump, as many other Democrats have called for the organization’s abolishment.

Homan said Wednesday on “Outnumbered” that ICE does much more than immigration enforcement.

Homan said that ICE is also involved in gun and drug trafficking investigations, as well as investigations into technology smuggling.

“The problem with the message from Pocan and [other Democrats is that] they’re not looking at the facts,” Homan said.

He explained that high ranking politicians in the Democratic Party are “mis-messaging” when it comes to the topic of ICE to the American people.

Homan went on to explain that Representative Diane Black’s proposed legislation, which includes that anyone illegally crossing the border for the first time would rack up a felony charge, would further enforce immigration law.

As you can see, illegal immigration is a huge issue in our country. The Trump administration is desperately trying to get it under control, but the Democrats are fighting them every step of the way.

When anti-ICE protesters gathered in Portland this Wednesday, Federal Officers had no choice but to stand their ground. KOIN 6 News reports that eight protesters were taken into custody at the ICE building located in Southwest Portland.

Oh yeah, they also got pepper-sprayed… like really pepper-sprayed.

Take a look at the video below (LANGUAGE WARNING):

Watch as Federal Officers bring down, pepper spray and arrest multiple liberal protesters standing in front of the ICE building driveway. (language warning)