Watch CNN’s Jim Acosta Attempt To Sabotage Summit, Shout Out Totally Inappropriate Question, During President Trump’s Meeting With Kim Jong Un

Kirsters Baish| It’s not much of a shocker that CNN’s Jim Acosta just had to open his mouth and say something inappropriate at the President’s press conference following his meeting with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un. Acosta should really be ashamed of himself for making such a ridiculous comment at the absolute worst time. CNN shouldn’t even think about ever sending him to a White House event ever again.

Yesterday, President Trump was relishing in the fact that he had been successful in his part in such a historical moment, when Jim Acosta decided to try and ruin it all. He had convinced Kim Jong Un to sign a landmark document, which would change things that haven’t been changed in 70 years for the people of North Korea. President Trump and Kim Jong Un made their way to Singapore to negotiate the deal between the two countries. Keep in mind that it it was only last year that Kim was launching rockets over Japan. Now that’s progress.

After months of hard work, the document was signed this week. Leave it to Jim Acosta to try and ruin such a historical moment involving President Donald Trump. He screamed out, “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier sir?”

It was earlier in the day that Acosta was called out for “screaming” at the North Korean dictator “like a lunatic”, which left people questioning if he was trying to sabotage the signing of the document.

Warmer was taken prisoner in North Korea back in 2016 after he was caught trying to steal. President Donald Trump has done for the Warmbier family than anyone, and he started right when he took office in January of 2017. He worked for Warmbier to come back home by carefully negotiating. The American citizen was tortured by the North Korean government for a year during Obama’s time in office. Obama did nothing to help Warmbier. Unfortunately, it was too late by the time that Warmbier made his way back to the United States. He died shortly after arriving home.

The Gateway Pundit reports of President Trump’s actions toward the Warmbier family:

President Trump did all he could for that family, but today the President was signing an agreement for the future of the world. Although we do not know at this time what is in the agreement, we do know that the President’s efforts will lead towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.  This moment was historical and then Jim Acosta attempted to destroy it.

Plain and simple: Jim Acosta shouldn’t be allowed back at any White House event ever again. CNN needs to stop allowing him out in the press pool.