Video Surfaces of Obama Unmasked: Of Course Elections are Rigged – “It Helps … We Have Democrats In Charge of The Machines”

Elder Patriot – Barack Obama was nothing if not a duplicitous liar who constantly talked out of both sides of his mouth depending on his audience.  

Here’s another example of Obama’s hypocrisy:

“Rigging elections happen. People will tilt things in your favor. Good thing Democrats control machines in Ohio!”


Of course we now know that simply rigging voting machines and engaging in voter fraud wasn’t enough to satisfy Obama in 2016.  Since that election we learned that Obama had weaponized the CIA, FBI, and DOJ against Donald Trump, as well.

That still wasn’t enough to get the wretched Hillary Clinton elected.  She was that bad of a candidate!

Still, proof that Democrats are forced to rely on election and voter fraud in order to win while running on their anti-American platform is reflected in their refusal to clean up the vote.

Many Democratic strongholds have more registered voters than voting-eligible voters.  Deroy Murdock exposed this one-sided anomaly last August after Judicial Watch released the findings of its completed Election Integrity Project.

This was confirmed earlier this week when a review of the voter rolls of Los Angeles County found the number of registered voters to be 144% of resident citizens of qualifying voting age.

Since the registration of eligible voters never approaches 100% it’s likely that there are as many illegal aliens registered to vote in L.A. as legal residents.  

With 600 sanctuary cities spread across the country the magnitude of this fraud becomes staggering.  President Trump might’ve been right when he said the 2016 election would be the last one that mattered.

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