We Have It: The Viral Video That Has Democratic Party On The Verge Of Extinction

Kirsters Baish| One Navy SEAL and NRA commentator by the name of Dom Raso decided that it was about time to get the truth out there about the organized anarchy within our country today. He released a video to the internet which includes footage from the “liberal resistance.” He then poses a very important question… “What are you resisting?”

Leftists in our country seem to love to point the finger when they believe conservatives are at fault, but when they are faced with their own bad behavior they will not take responsibility. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that we are living in a time and place where people are given trophies just for participating.

We are raising the snowflake generation in every sense of the word. When it comes to the real world, there is always a clear winner and loser. We all have to learn how to deal with winning and to deal with losing. Liberals are sore losers.

Raso warns his fellow Americans in the video about the organized anarchy within our country. These groups are being led by people who hate President Donald Trump and his supporters. Some of these groups are also being led by Trump’s supporters. The mainstream media continually delivers falsified information, Hollywood celebrities and famous athletes are constantly lecturing about oppression and inequality, and the deep state is working on taking over the country.

Raso’s message is as clear as day, and it’s time that we start listening to what he’s saying. Our country is in dire need of a change, and we must be aware of the “organized anarchy” that is occurring all around us in order to keep ourselves and our children safe.