Video Captures President Trump Break Protocol & Ditch Entourage, His Mission Reveals His True Character

Kirsters Baish| It’s no secret that Americans are divided when it comes to their opinions on President Donald Trump. We can all agree on one thing, however. President Trump has the utmost respect for the men and women who serve our country, both in the military and as law enforcement officers. This was proven once again when President Trump was in his home state, New York, this week.

On Wednesday, President Trump was in New York when he saw a grouping of cops. President Trump decided to do something that reinforced everything we already knew about him. Trump is a stand up guy who deeply appreciates everything that the police of America do for us.

While the President’s helicopter, Marine One, and his entire entourage waiting, our Commander in Chief strayed from his security detail to run over and shake the hands of the officers.

“Trump abruptly turned and broke ranks with his aides and Secret Service detail and ran, or as best a 71-year-old man can run, a short jog and then swiftly walked the rest of the way over to the assembled police where he shook their hands and returned a salute from one of the officers,” the Western Journalism wrote. “Video was posted by Assistant to the President Dan Scavino, Jr., Wednesday evening. Scavino noted the officers were with Nassau County and New York State Police.”

The video that was uploaded to Twitter shows Trump thanking each police officer individually for their service to our country. We’ve seen President Trump go out of his way to spend some time with first responders and service members in the past. It was just earlier in the day on Wednesday that he was seen talking and laughing with a group of New York firefighters.

President Trump wrote on the social media outlet, “Thank you to all of the incredible law enforcement officers and firefighters in Bethpage, New York. Keep up the great work!” He also posted some photos from the day on his page.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted out, “As the granddaughter of a firefighter I’m so proud to work for a president who supports the men and women of fire departments across the country, as seen here today in Bethpage, NY.” She also posted a photo of President Trump standing with a group of New York firefighters.

If there is one thing that is obvious from the images and the video that was posted from the President’s Wednesday trip to New York, it’s that he truly respects and cares about our country’s first responders. His gestures are clearly genuine and from the heart. This is a world of difference as compared to former President Barack Obama, who constantly bashed police officers. He even claimed at one point that “police acted stupidly” when speaking about Henry Louis Gates having been arrested for attempting to break into a house. Obama knew the entire story, but he chose to chastise police rather than the real criminal.

Conservative Tribune wrote of Obama, “Obama’s lukewarm response to other incidents, including the deadly Dallas ambush on police officers by a man connected to the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and failing to back police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, further soured his public image among those who wear the badge.”

It’s great to have a President in office who truly cares about the Americans who put their lives on the line for our freedom.