Veterans & Truckers Ditching Famous Gas Station Chain Over Flag Disgrace … Will You Join Them?

Kirsters Baish| In case you missed it … In recent months, millions of Americans have come forward to express their utter outrage over multimillionaire NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. It didn’t take long for Americans to turn their anger about the issue into action. The actions of the owner of the gas station chain, Pilot Flying J, have forced a group of truck drivers, veterans, and good old American patriots to boycott the brand. The owner of the chain also owns the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. One store manager in Kentucky took it too far, leaving a very unsavory taste in the mouths of angry Americans.

WSAZ reported earlier in the year that a group of United States veterans made their way to a Flying J located in the Bluegrass State. They proceeded to place American flags in order to welcome a rilling Vietnam Memorial. It all turned sour when the manager of that particular gas station made the decision to come outside and tell these veterans that they were not welcome to fly the American flag there.

Ever since that particular incident took place, a big group of American veterans have been working on a protest which has demanded that the Flying J install a flag pole in order to fly both the American flag as well as the POW flag.

Pilot Flying J released a statement which claimed that the flags cannot be flown because of “safety reasons.”

The company’s statement went on to say, “Pilot Flying J proudly welcomes the American flag at all our locations. After looking into the concern at our store #660, located at 15236 State Route 180, Catlettsburg, KY, we found that the concerns were not with the flags themselves but with the safety of where they were placed as we need to make sure they don’t block the lines of sight of drivers pulling into our locations.”

That wasn’t the only part of the controversy surrounding the gas station chain. An entirely separate group of Americans began calling for a boycott of all Pilot Flying J gas stations due to on-field protests by owner Jimmy Haslam’s Browns football players. A video was recorded outside of a Pilot Flying J location and uploaded to Facebook. A man who identified himself as a Navy veteran named Matt explained that he was calling for a boycott of all Pilot Flying J stores until Haslam ended the support to those who are disrespecting our country’s flag, and in turn disrespecting everything it stands for.

“We just watched the beginning of the Cleveland Browns (game) and the national anthem, and the owner, Jimmy Haslam allowed most of his team to take a knee during the anthem,” Matt explained.

The Navy veteran also used spray paint to draw a circle with a line through it on his Browns leather jacket.

He went on, “Jimmy Haslam owns all the Pilots and the Flying Js in the country. What you need to do if you support this (is) do not go to a Pilot, do not go to a Flying J, until he states to his team that no member will be allowed to take a knee during the national anthem.”

I don’t think this will be the last boycott that we see due to the National Anthem protests. Football team owners are beginning to see that they will be paying big time for supporting the ridiculous actions of their players. It’s time for Americans to start respecting the flag once again.