Turns Out Giuliani Was Right: John Brennan Handed Over Fabricated Dossier to Harry Reid, Prompting Spygate

Kirsters Baish| This past Monday, former New York Mayor and attorney to President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, appeared on Fox News to speak with host Sean Hannity. While on the air, Giuiani dropped a major bomb, and things are not looking good for the corrupt Deep State.

The President’s lawyer told the Fox News host that John Brennan was the one to blame. He was the one behind Spygate and the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign. Then, Giuliani went on to say, “He should be in front of a grand jury.”

Rudy said to Hannity, “I’m gonna tell you who orchestrated, who was the quarterback for all of this. It isn’t just Strzok. He’s a bit of a puppet. It’s not just Mueller, he’s a puppet.”

Sean Hannity answered, “I have a funny feeling you’re about to drop a bomb on me.”

To which Giuliani answered, “The guy’s running it was Brennan. And he should be in front of a grand jury.”

Take a look at the video from Hannity:

Then, on Wednesday evening former FBI Secret Service agent and current conservative commentator Dan Bongino filled in the rest of the missing details.

The former Secret Service agent spoke about how the corrupt former CIA Director had worked both the FBI and Congress to begin the most corrupt and illegal surveillance in our country’s history.

Bongino said, “You understand that John Brennan was the puppet master of the entire scheme to violate the civil liberties of Donald Trump and his team?  John Brennan was that guy.  John Brennan, Tucker, tweeting today about his principles.  I thought it was a joke.  I had to check for the blue check-mark.  John Brennan has no principles.  This is a disgraceful human being who nearly destroyed the reputation of the intelligence community.  Tucker, on August 25th of 2016, John Brennan himself, this is a fact, it’s public record.    He went and briefed Harry Reid up on the Hill about elements in the dossier that then made it into a letter from Harry Reid to the FBI that was used.”

From Tucker Carlson Tonight: