When Trump Walked Into Rev. Billy Graham’s Funeral, He Looked Over & Saw a Sign Directly From GOD

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump made their way to the late Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral in North Carolina alongside Vice President Mike Pence and his wife.

President Trump made his way to the tent where Reverend Graham’s family and other honored guests were sitting. A decorated uniformed Army Major met President Trump before he made his way in.

They saluted one another and exchanged a few words, but this wasn’t simply a coincidence. It didn’t take long before President Trump found out who the soldier was.

The Army Major is the grandson of the late Reverend Billy Graham. His name is Edward, and he is a graduate of West Point. He has served seven tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, and during his time on tour he was wounded by shrapnel from an IED.

Edward was sure to escort President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump to their seats for the funeral.

Edward and President Trump saluted one another again once Trump made it to his seat.

Graham had made his way to Washington, DC to attend his grandfather’s funeral services at the Capitol of our country. He stood for hours on end in order to shake the hands of attendees. Franklin Graham, Edward’s dad, spoke to the Daily Caller and explained, “These people stood outside for us and for my father.” He continued, “I will stand here for them. We love them and so does God.”