Trump Tweets Approval For Rand Paul’s Infrastructure Funding Plan

Elder Patriot – During his campaign President Trump promised that money currently being earmarked to rebuild the infrastructure of foreign countries but being stolen by corrupt regimes would be better spent rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure if he were to be elected.

That time has come.

With a successful first year in office rapidly coming to a close, Trump has turned his attention to renovating our nation’s distressed infrastructure. 

This is something Obama promised to do with $3 trillion dollars in “stimulus” spending.  Remember all of those shovel-ready jobs?  Well, like every other Obama deception, that money was never used in the manner promised. 

The money might’ve help fund ISIS or found it’s way to a tarmac in Iran but it wasn’t spent here.  Maybe it was wasted on Fast and Furious, funding the Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen’s U.S. based private Islamic school system, or a thousand of Obama’s other anti-American projects.

Some of the money did find its way to American based companies; but these companies all had deep financial ties and allegiance to Obama.  Companies like Solyndra, a green energy start-up that received $535 million, promptly donated $50 million to Obama, and almost as promptly went bust.

More of the money took the form of gross overpayment to contractors for relatively inexpensive goods or services such as paying a friend of Michelle Obama’s in excess of $2 billion to develop a relatively simplistic transactional website to handle Obamacare enrollment.

And, of course, a massive amount went to bailout huge banking and insurance corporations that were deemed to “big to fail” so that they could grow even larger under the management that had already proved their gross incompetency.

And, after all of Obama’s empty promises, the infrastructure, like the military he depleted, is eight years more decrepit.

All that debt has left the Democrats in a quandary.  They don’t want to give President Trump a legislative victory on infrastructure.  Their problem is that money finds its way to the once reliable Democrat voters – union laborers – and they can’t afford any more defections by working class voters.

Compounding that problem would be their inability to run a similar con job as Obama did in 2008 again.  There would be no need and voters would be more apt to trust Trump and the Republicans than they would the Democrats.

On January 4th, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tweeted about a bill he is preparing to introduce as soon as the Senate is back in session:

Paul’s tweet closely follows President Trump’s announcement that he had decided to end US aid to Pakistan because they are harboring terrorists against our country’s interests and against the interests of our young men and women trying to restore order to the mess that Obama left the Middle East in.

After considering Paul’s suggestion – “My bill will take the money that would have gone to Pakistan and put it in an infrastructure fund to build roads and bridges here at home” – Trump tweeted he was supportive of that idea.

The political rhetoric that followed was predictable – we helped, no you didn’t – was put into perspective by the Kentucky Senator:

“We’ve sent Pakistan $33 billion since 2002. What did we get for it? Well Pakistan didn’t even help us find Bin Laden, even though he was living in one of their cities for years. Then they jailed the informant who helped us to get Bin Laden. They’ve allowed suspected terrorists to operate in their country. Some say Pakistani intelligence agents actually aid and abet the terrorists. It’s wrong.”

When Paul’s bill navigates it’s way through Congress and to the President’s desk, Trump will be able to sign another campaign promise into law.

The mainstream media wants us to believe Trump is an “intellectual lightweight” who lacks “intellectual curiosity” and is “morally bankrupt.”  Whatever.  Trump is finding success in Making America Great Again.