Trump Says He’s Getting Ready To Declassify Smoking Gun If FBI Continues To Refuse To Release Incriminating Text Messages

Kirsters Baish| President Trump took to Twitter this past weekend in order to give his opinion on the continuous battle between the FBI and a Conservative watchdog group, Judicial Watch, which has requested all text message that were sent from former FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s cellphone. The President’s tweet contained a warning as well. In his Saturday tweet, Trump questioned why the FBI hasn’t been cooperating with Judicial Watch, as they have been working aggressively at receiving the documents.

The President’s tweet read, “Why isn’t the FBI giving Andrew McCabe text messages to Judicial Watch or appropriate governmental authorities. FBI said they won’t give up even one (I may have to get involved, DO NOT DESTROY). What are they hiding? McCabe wife took big campaign dollars from Hillary people…..”

The “DO NOT DESTROY” comment was obviously intended to prevent the FBI from all of a sudden claiming that the text messages had been “misplaced” somehow. As you are probably well aware, the FBI has a history of losing important evidence. To prove this point, all one has to do is take a look at the thousands of text messages that were exchanged between FBI agent Peter Strzok and colleague/lover Lisa Page that were somehow “lost” by the McCabe-run bureau. The messages were only uncovered when the Department of Justice’s Inspector General’s Office put in place special “forensic tools” in order to recover the texts electronically.

Fox reported that Judicial Watch is looking for text messages that McCabe had sent about his wife, Jill McCabe, and her failed 2015 Senate campaign in Virginia state. Fox reported that a political action committee that was in support of Governor Terry McAuliffe, who happens to be a close friend of the Clinton family, donated roughly $467,500 in funds to Jill McCabe’s campaign.

Another $207,788 was spent by the Virginia Democratic Party, as reported by Fox.

Judicial Watch and other conservative groups have long complained that the support for Jill McCabe’s wife by Clinton-backers like the McAuliffe amounted to influencing the way the FBI conducted its investigations of Hillary Clinton and its treatment of Trump.

In an op-ed published by The Washington Post in April, Jill McCabe wrote that her husband’s involvement in the Clinton email investigation came only after her state Senate campaign had been lost.

So, she argued, there could be no connection between McCabe’s handling of the Clinton/Trump investigations and the money that flowed from Clinton’s inner circle to McCabe’s wife’s political organization.

It wasn’t long ago that this would have been the end of the questions. The thing is that the FBI has been outed for their (mis)conduct in handling the infamous Hillary Clinton private server investigation. Compare the bureau’s conduct in the Clinton invesitgation verses their conduct during the Trump/Russia collusion probe.

The President wrote a second tweet on Saturday in which he carefully explained why he is supporting Judicial Watch’s records request.

Trump wrote, “…..Will the FBI ever recover it’s once stellar reputation, so badly damaged by Comey, McCabe, Peter S, and his lover, the lovely Lisa Page, and other top officials now dismissed or fired? So many of the great men and women of the FBI ha been hurt by these clowns and losers!”

Numerous conservative voices, such as the National Review’s Andrew McCarthy, have explained the the President could be getting more involved with the battle for the documents.

The Western Journal writes, “As the president, Trump is the final authority on what is classified and what is not classified. If he wanted everything released, he could simply order it released – if it hasn’t been lost. Saturday’s tweet was one sign that involvement — even if it stops short of a general release order — might be coming.”