Trump Supporter Sheds Tears in Viral Video Explaining All POTUS Has Done For Black Community

Kirsters Baish| Liberal America has been trying to claim that Donald Trump is a racist since he announced that he would be running in the 2016 presidential election. The problem is that the claim is totally false, and there is tons of evidence to prove it to be false.

Just take a look at all of the photographs of Donald Trump standing next to globally known civil rights activists such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that surfaced on the internet. The only reason liberals are calling him racist is because he’s a Republican. They have nothing to back up the claim. It wasn’t just photographs that surfaced on the internet, however. A video from 1999 recently went viral that shows Jesse Jackson praising Donald Trump’s work in aiding the black community. Liberals want the video out of the public’s eye.

There has been a political cultural shift in our country as of lately, and not all African Americans are sticking with the political party that they are “expected” to be a part of. Iconic rapper Kanye West took to Twitter recently, showing his support for President Trump, even sporting a red “MAGA” hat. Conservative commentator Candace Owens has been making a splash in the Conservative community, calling on other African Americans to rethink how they see their own dependence and the way they look at politics.

On Friday, another African American stood up for President Trump, and his heartfelt response to the President’s contributions to the black community has taken the internet by storm.

Take a look at Henry Davis’ viral video:

Davis’ tweet has already gotten more than 30,000 likes and more than a quarter million views. The Trump supporter started tearing up when talking about all of the job opportunities that our Commander in Chief has opened up to the black community.

“I’m just crying because I’m just … I’m like, it’s a good time to be alive,” he sobbed in the video.

“And to be able to witness what’s really going on. And we got a chance — I’m just talking about from a black perspective,” he went on, referring to economic opportunities. “If you really want to work and get up off your a** and do something, you can do it.”

Davis was quick to give President Trump credit for the great changes he has been seeing taking place in America.

“Black people working — you know what I’m saying — jobs [are] coming back, factories [are] opening up. He helping with the drug epidemic and all of that,” he explained.

Davis recalled President Trump’s past visit to FoxConn manufacturing facility that is located in Wisconsin. This is where Celia Griffin, a working mom with three children, had wonderful things to say about the POTUS.

Davis explained, “He had this black lady come up there and give a little speech about how her life has changed because of some of his accomplishments … and I’m just so proud, I’m just proud to be an American.”

He seemed to allude that he respects former President Obama, however Trump has views that match his own.

“And again, Barack Obama, I respected the office. I respected the fact that he was the president, but ain’t nobody like Trump, man. If you want to work, [there’s] jobs out here.”

For all of the hate liberals have toward President Trump, he really has been making a great impact on the black community. It’s great to see Americans like Davis taking the time to appreciate his efforts.