Trump Releases Powerful Labor Day Message — Blows Up the Internet Within Minutes

If there is one thing readers of our site know, it’s that President Trump wants what is best for Americans.  Donald Trump has given up his billionaire lifestyle to work tirelessly for the everyday American worker, day after day, only to be vilified by the radical left.

President Trump takes every chance he gets to show hard working Americans how much he appreciates their contribution to the American Experiment.
Chicks on the Right Reported:

All across the country Americans are kicking back, taking the day off of work, and celebrating Labor Day. Labor Day was officially made a federal holiday back in 1894 but many states had been celebrating it years before that. It’s meant as a day to reflect on and honor the American labor movement and it’s also the unofficial end of summer.

President Trump issued a Labor Day message to the country and like all of his tweets it immediately went viral.

Check it out…

Rockstar press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Tweeted her own triggering message:

The left wants to tell us that Trump has not come through on any of his promises to the American worker.  Funny, just this week the President followed through on his decades long quest to destroy NAFTA and replace it with a trade agreement without a “giant sucking sound.”  One of the first things the President did when he took office was to get us out of the globalist TPP.

Since day one Trump has been working for the American worker.  This is why we are working everyday to help the President fight the Fake News Media.  All we want is to do our part in helping Make America Great Again!