Trump Playing 4-D Chess on Korean Peninsula

Elder Patriot – As was reported the other day China’s plan for global domination – both economically and militarily – has been unfolding for decades aided by a succession of U.S. presidents who embrace global trade policies.

Unlike his predecessors, President Trump has no masters telling him what policies to pursue.  Trump is focused like a patriot on what is best for America and Americans.

Starting from this vantage point President Trump’s tweet this morning is quite informative for those not mired in the quicksand that fills the partisan divide.

Admittedly China’s Chairman Xi Jinping inherited a tough hand once Trump became president.  Where past U.S. presidents bowed to the corporatist demands for cheap labor and authoritarian control over the labor force, Donald Trump was elected under a completely different political paradigm.

Trump owes the corporatists nothing and, for that reason, the Chinese hold no leverage in stopping Trump from joining, or continuing to abide, in the trade war that China has been waging against the U.S. economy for decades.

China has long maintained North Korea as a proxy state.  To accomplish that they had to provide North Korea’s Kim Jong-un with a level of subsistence necessary to sustain life but not much more lest NK break out on its own.

Now Trump has offered Kim modernization and with it prosperity, as well a place of respect among the nations of the world.  During their historic summit last month, Kim saw the light and signed on to the denuclearization plan.

Then Xi stepped in.  With Trump demanding trade equalization, Xi attempted to use his dwindling control over Kim to apply leverage to Trump to abandon his trade demands.

The carrot Kim chased was prosperity resulting from American investment but only after complete and verifiable denuclearization. That takes time and Kim has a nation to feed until then.  Trump knows this but because past U.S. presidents allowed Kim to break his promises without consequences Trump refused to take Kim’s word on it.

That’s where XI found the leverage he was looking for.

Trump is four steps ahead of Xi, though.  Trump will apply maximum leverage ($500B in tariffs – the whole kit and kaboodle) until China, whose economy is already hurting, uses the NK nukes as a bargaining chip to stop the economic carnage to the Chinese economy that will result if Trump follows through.

The media will deride Trump and accuse him of being a bully but when the dust clears in 6-12 months Trump will have won the war against two countries without the use of our military and with better trade relations with two more countries.