Trump & Mattis Ecstatic After US Military Kills The Worlds Most Dangerous Islamic Terrorist Bomb Maker

Kirsters Baish| This Monday, United States officials announced that a man who was a member of the dangerous terrorist organization al-Qaeda was killed during a United States drone strike in Yemen in 2017. The terrorist’s name was Ibrahim al-Asiri, and he was referred to as “probably the most sophisticated terrorist bomb maker on the planet.”

Fox News reported, “The Associated Press previously reported that Ibrahim al-Asiri was dead, citing a tribal leader and an Al Qaeda-linked source who said that he was killed in the governate of Marib in eastern Yemen.”

al-Asiri oversaw a plot to take down a jet in Detroit back on Christmas Day in 2009. It was reported that he made the bomb that was used by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab in an attempt to down the plane. Abdulmutallab was unable to successfully detonate the bomb and blow up the plane. Al-Asiri is also reported to have taken part in an attempt to disguise bombs inside printer cartridges and send them to the United States.

CBS News spoke to former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell who stated, “Probably the most sophisticated terrorist bomb maker on the planet. Incredibly creative, incredibly innovative.” He went on to add that because of al-Asiri, TSA procedures have become much more strict. Morell stated, “A good chunk of what you have to take out of your bag and what has to be screened is because of Asiri and his capabilities of putting explosives in very difficult to find places.”

Al-Asiri’s brother detonated a bomb on August 27, 2009, in an attempt to kill the Deputy Minister of the Interior of Saudi Arabia, killing himself in the process. The Daily Wire writes, “Abdullah used a pentaerythritol tetranitrate bomb that his brother had hidden in his rectum, blowing himself up. Al-Asiri was believed to be responsible for the bombs found on Otober 29, 2010, on separate cargo planes bound from Yemen to the United States.”

Michael Morell tweeted, “The most significant removal of a terrorist from the battlefield since the killing of bin Ladin. We are safer because of this US operation.” He linked to a CBS article on the matter.

Al-Asiri continuously taught bomb-making techniques to other terrorists while he was alive.