Trump Just Set His Sights On Coup Leader Rod Rosenstein, The Show Has Begun … Enjoy!

Elder Patriot – There are two people with the ability to block President Trump when he heeds the eleven House Republicans who have called on him to declassify certain documents that they claim will expose the depth of the DOJ-FBI-CIA-State Department corrupt “insurance” plan.

Those two men are the FBI Director Christopher Wray and the acting Attorney General (because of Jeff Sessions’ recusal) Rod Rosenstein.

We are not prepared to question which way director Wray would rule.  At least not at this time. Rosenstein, however, is neck-deep in the DOJ-FBI corruption junction.

First, the documents that are being requested:

  • Pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the Carter Page FISA applications.  Rosenstein signed off on these applications
  • The 302’s (FBI interview notes) on Bruce Ohr
  • Other relevant documents to include all exculpatory evidence – on everyone they targeted – that were kept from the court

It’s hard to envision any threats to national security contained in the latter two requests.  It would take an incredible stretch of the imagination, given all that we now know, for there to be anything contained within the applications that would rise to that level either.

Unless, of course, the FISA applications were themselves a threat to our Republic.  Rosenstein, by virtue of having signed at least two of those applications, is a material witness and should have recused himself once the applications had been requested.

Rosenstein refused to recuse himself and his obstinance in refusing to turn the requested documents over, especially the ones he signed, are particularly troubling in that light.

President Trump knows this as do astute defenders of the president.  This explains Joe Di Genova’s “explosive revelation” on Hannity two nights ago when he “revealed” that Rod Rosenstein was under investigation:

“Rosenstein is under investigation and he can’t do FISAs any longer.”

Actually, the fact that Rosenstein is under investigation should’ve been obvious since the DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, has been conducting an investigation into the abuse and weaponization surrounding the corrupt FBI-DOJ Russian-Trump construct since March 28th of this year.  

That’s right, Rosenstein has spent his time as acting Attorney General making his bed and the president is now taking steps – through Michael Horowitz and his team of 470 investigators – to have him lie in it.

The mainstream media’s refusal to report on this is one more example of the uneven way it has put its thumb on the scales of justice.

Only when enough political pressure is brought demanding Rosenstein release the requested documents in all their unredacted glory or that he step aside will the document dam finally burst and the corruption underpinning the “insurance policy” be exposed to sunlight.

President Trump has a number of paths forward to speed this process.  Di Genova got the ball rolling.

The NY Times inadvertently helped the president’s cause with the ill-advised anonymous op-ed that they ran earlier this week and that was met with stern admonition even by the president’s detractors.

Rubio’s statement assuredly applies to the acting Attorney General as much as anyone else.  If the FISA applications that he signed are backed by legitimate representations to the FISC then let’s see the proof now.

By continuing to block the release of the evidence he presented to the court, he is obstructing justice in the continuance of what can only be considered a coup attempt against a sitting president.

If that’s the case I can think of nothing more damaging to the national security of our Republic that the path Rosenstein has chosen to travel.