Trump Just Replied To The NYT’s Treasonous “Op-Ed” By Playing His Trump Card, Suggesting He’s Going To Expose Their Crimes Via Declassification

Elder Patriot – The last two weeks have revealed a concerted effort by the Deep State, and the assets they control in the mainstream media propaganda machine, to destroy President Trump before he releases the documents surrounding and contained in the FISA applications that will destroy them.

Keep in mind that every person and news source cited in the headline to this article came out against Donald Trump during his campaign.  Their words now would only have merit if their opposition back then could be shown to warrant that criticism now.

With record low unemployment across all demographic groups, the stock market gaining $10 trillion in worth in record time, a rapidly growing small business environment, the reset of horrendous trade deals and foreign policy entanglements, and rising real wages for the first time in decades, it will be hard to convince voters that President Trump and his policies don’t warrant re-election.

And, according to a report in the WashingtonExaminer, more good economic news is coming:

President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan have teamed up this summer to do something that hasn’t happened in two decades — write and pass department spending bills instead of lumping everything into a massive package.

And while Congress has taken the votes, many on Capitol Hill are giving Trump and his team the credit for breaking the 20-year log jam. They cite his refusal to sign another massive “omnibus” spending bill that ignored his priorities, even if it means shutting down the government.

“This is all driven by the president,” said a key congressional insider. “It’s a win for the president. For 20 years this system has been busted.”

The bill curbs wasteful spending and, while that may benefit the American people, it does little to further enrich members of establishment class and their bloodsucking financial backers.  And therein lies the most obvious reason for the current assault on President Trump.