Trump Delivers The Best Line of His Presidency at Naval Graduation

Elder Patriot – On Friday President Trump delivered the commencement speech at the United States Naval Academy.  He was talking to 1,100 of America’s most loyal and patriotic young people.

Whenever Trump speaks he addresses his remarks to his base that is comprised of patriotic Americans.  Trump realizes that the brainwashing campaign of the Marxist left has many Americans no longer capable of critical thinking.  He knows that they simply choose who they want to believe – Maggie Haberman, Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, Jimmy Kimmel, Joy Behar, or any other the other empty vessels spewing their hate-America-hate-Trump rhetoric in the mainstream media – and then believe whatever they tell them to believe.

This is the reason why Trump often seems intemperate.  He warned us during the campaign that he had no time for political correctness.  Add that to the enormous list of campaign promises he has kept.

So when Commander-in-Chief Trump delivered the following words the graduating Midshipmen roared their approval:

“You don’t give up.  You don’t give in.  You don’t back down.  And you never surrender.  Wherever you go, wherever you serve, wherever your mission takes you, you only have one word in mind, and that’s victory.

“That is why you are here.  A very important word.  You are now leaders in the most powerful and righteous force on the face of the planet, The United States military.  And we are respected again, I can tell you that. We are respected again.”

Obama didn’t care about respect nor did he care about the importance of leverage in negotiations with other nations.  He seemed intent on degrading and downgrading both the U.S. military and the United States.  The military was left in such a shambles that president Trump was compelled to sign the bloated omnibus bill largely because it included $68 billion in new military spending.

The other reason Trump signed the omnibus spending package was the funding that was included to pay for the investigation into Obama-era government wrongdoing and illegalities necessary for draining the swamp he had so carefully nurtured.

President Trump’s America First, last and always approach to governing our country stands in stark contrast to King Obama’s America “last because she sucks” approach to governing. 

Hussein even embarked on an apology tour as though our great nation has anything to apologize to Europe for after having bailed their feckless asses out of the fire following their rejection of Winston Churchill’s warnings to confront Hitler’s Germany before it grew into an imperialist killing machine.  Sixty million people died needless deaths because the leaders at that time refused to “man-up” to Hitler before he grew Germany’s military. 

Trump knows the lessons of history that is why he is working to aggressively to denuclearize North Korea and Iran before they evolve into killing machines.

Trump will not repeat the mistakes of the past no matter what the mainstream media or corrupt world leadership demand of him.

President Trump is the steel-spine leader America needs at this moment in time. 

At the end of the ceremony with a full-schedule awaiting him, President Trump even called an audible to stay and shake the hands of all 1,100 newly minted officers.  At 71 years of age Trump stood tall and erect the entire time.

It is somewhat ironic that the same media that now diminishes every one of his accomplishments – often for the most bizarre reasons – is the same media that made Trump the right man for this time in history.

When history is written there’ll be George Washington and Donald Trump at the top of America’s great presidents.  Obama?  Thankfully, because of Trump’s muscular approach to ensuring freedom in every possible way, Obama will be relegated to the trash heap of history as the U.S.A.’s greatest mistake.