Trump Bashing Dem Senator Kamala Harris Asked The One Question She Can Not Answer & It Explains Everything

Kirsters Baish| It seems like Democrats these days have trouble formulating sentences when speaking in front of an audience. Just take, for example, Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The woman can barely form a word, let alone a sentence. It almost seems like every single time she gets on stage to give a speech, she chokes. Then there’s California Democrat Maxine Waters, who like Pelosi, seems to have a lot of trouble with the English language. Now, we have Democratic Junior United States Senator from California, Kamala Harris, making herself look like an uneducated liar.

The Daily Caller reported that Harris sat down for an interview on Friday for a podcast called “Call Your Girlfriend.” During the interview, the California Junior Senator was thrown softball question after softball question. It was the ideal interview for a politician… until Harris set herself up for failure.

Harris was pitched what should have been a home-run when she was asked what her “biggest win” was as a senator, but she totally choked, and instead of naming a single accomplishment during her time in office, she simply listed her resume.

She answered, “I’ll tell you, one of the things that I think for me is most important is the role that I serve on the various committees that I’m on, which are oversight committees, like — let’s be clear those committees exist to — to watch and question what is going on with our government, with the United States government … So I’m on Senate Intelligence. I’m on Homeland Security. I’m on Judiciary.”

Things just got worse from there.

Harris went on, “And the accomplishment then for me is a function of what I think my role should be, and often, especially in the last 18 months it has been to try and get at the truth.”

It seemed at this point in the interview that Harris lost track of what she was saying even further.

She babbled on, “And so the accomplishment is — and the ‎goal is to always make sure that we are being and the system as being as transparent as possible, and that — you know, frankly that the American public has the answers, and that we’re being told the truth. And when that happens I feel a sense of accomplishment, and when it doesn’t happen I feel a sense of frustration.”

I wouldn’t count joining a committee as an accomplishment as a politician. This is simply normal practice for senators, and anyone in Congress is able to join a committee.

Rumors have been circulating that Harris will be running in the 2020 presidential election. It has been said that she is a top contender. Is this really the best that the Democrats can do? If things don’t change for the Democratic Party, it doesn’t look like we have to worry about the “blue wave” that the Democrats have continually claimed is coming this coming November in the midterm elections.