Trey Gowdy Threatens The Dirty DOJ: Comply With Congressional Subpoena Or Face “Full Arsenal of Constitutional Weapons”

Kirsters Baish| Republican House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy heeded warning to both the FBI and the DOJ on Sunday, explaining that if they fail to comply with the subpoena that was issued by House Republicans, there would be serious repercussions. Gowdy’s warning came after the DOJ and the FBI spent months trying to impede Congressional investigators.

The DOJ and the FBI are being accused by Republicans of having purposely foiled their investigation into the FBI’s conduct in handling the infamous Hillary Clinton private server investigation as well as the surveillance of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign after having refused to hand over more than a million documents  to the House Judiciary Committee relating to the probes.

Both the FBI and the Justice Department have defended their actions of refusing to comply the the request by claiming that the documents are so sensitive that they have to be reviewed prior to being released. That sure sounds like a crock of fresh bull crap.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

House Speaker Paul Ryan led a meeting Friday night with senior members of the DOJ and FBI, cautioining the Justice Department will face “the full panoply of constitutional weapons available to the people’s house,” including contempt of Congress.

“Under the heading of minor miracles, you had members of the House working on a Friday night,”Gowdy said. “Paul Ryan led this meeting. You had [House Intelligence Committee Chair] Devin Nunes, [House Judiciary Committee Chair] Bob Goodlatte, myself and everyone you can think of from the FBI and the DOJ, and we went item by item on both of those outstanding subpoenas.

Speaker Paul Ryan was clear in his message. There will be action taken immediately if the Justice Department and the FBI don’t comply. Gowdy stated, “So [Deputy Attorney General] Rod Rosenstein, [FBI Director] Chris Wray you were in the meeting, you understood him just as clearly as I did. We’re going to get compliance or the House of Representatives is going to use its full arsenal of constitutional weapons to gain compliance.”

Take a look at the video below:

“I don’t want the drama; I want the documents,” Gowdy continued.

The House Oversight Committee Chairman also explained that he was disappointed with the way FBI leadership has been acting after the release of the Inspector General report last week, which confirmed that FBI agents had discussed “stopping” Trump from becoming President.

Gowdy went on, “I don’t know what [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller has. I do know this: that bias is so pervasive and everyone who has ever stood in front of a jury and had to explain it in a way will tell you it is the most miserable feeling in the world and I’ve never seen this level of bias.”

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report also spoke negatively of the FBI’s spying on Trump’s campaign as well as the bureau’s allegations of Trump/Russia collusion.

Gowdy stated, “The only person in the universe who claims to have evidence of collusion is Adam Schiff and unlike any other secret he’s ever had, he’s never told anyone what evidence he has – there is no evidence of collusion. Obstruction of justice? Good luck having your star witness being Jim Comey in any prosecution from shop lifting to obstruction of justice – good luck if that’s your star witness.

Gowdy explained that Horowitz did not exonerate President Trump entirely from the Russian invitation, but “it certainly helps him.”

He explained, “The same people, the same players that were involved in the Clinton probe, later moved to the Russia probe. John Brennan, who said [Trump] ‘should be in the dust bin of history.’” “Comey, who said ‘impeachment was too good of a remedy.’ Lorretta Lynch, who wanted Hillary Clinton to win. And then we’ve got Peter Strzok and Lisa Page — they presumed and pronounced Donald Trump’s guilt before the investigation even began.”