Told Ya So: First It Was Alex Jones & Infowars, Now Liberals Want To Ban Fox News

Kirsters Baish| InfoWars suffered a crushing blow on Monday when liberally-run social media giant Facebook permanently banned their page after caving into the liberal media who has been pushing for the censorship of the news outlet. It wasn’t long before Google-YouTube jumped on the bandwagon and deleted InfoWars’ account.

A coordinated and calculated attack was launched on Alex Jones and all of InfoWars. The Democrats aren’t stopping there, however. They are preparing to go after the biggest Conservative-leaning news outlet out there… Fox News.

A public event was scheduled by Facebook last month. There were reporters and it was meant to promote the new video feature on the site, which is called Facebook Watch. Things got ugly when the “news reporters” who had been invited began yelling about Facebook letting Fox News and InfoWars have accounts on their platform.

In the picture above, Ricky Van Veen sits on the left. Van Veen is the Head of Global creative Strategy. Fidji Simo sits on the right. She is the Director of Products at Facebook. The two attempted to fend for themselves against reporters at an event in Beverly Hills this Wednesday. The event was being held to promote Facebook Watch, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The very fact that these leftist journalists are pushing the social media giant to ban Fox News is a new low, even for liberal America.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

If Democrats and their mainstream media want FOX News eliminated from Facebook — the largest and most successful news organization in America today — then it is safe to say the American left wants ALL conservative publishers banned from the social media platform.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy had a similar sentiment yesterday.

New York City communist Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke last weekend about the role Fox News plays in the culture of our country. He also spoke about how great the world would be if Conservatives just shut up and listened to the Democrats. He literally stood there, acting like no one should ever have a differing opinion than those of the Democratic Party.

Brian Stelter tweeted, “de Blasio v. Murdoch: ‘If you could remove News Corp from the last 25 years of American history, we would be in an entirely different place.'”

If I recall, this is what Joseph Stalin did in Soviet Russia.

The Gateway Pundit has reported in the past about the way Facebook is working to limit conservative content. Traffic on conservative Facebook pages has dropped dramatically over the last year.

In June, the Gateway Pundit conducted a study of leading conservative news outlets, which found that the social media outlet has stopped roughly 93% of all user traffic to conservative sites.

Facebook started to silence conservative content following the 2016 presidential election.