Texas’ Lt. Governor Stares Right at Camera, Issues Final Warning to Migrant Caravan

After speaking with President Donald Trump yesterday, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick appeared on Fox News to explain what will happen if the migrant caravan actually makes its’ way to the United States’ southern border.

He took no mercy when he looked straight into the camera and gave the caravan its’ final warning to turn around.

Gov. Patrick placed blame on the Democratic Party for having constantly encouraged the ‘caravan’ to continue traveling to the United States in order to better serve their own political agenda.

He also had a warning for any Democrat hoping to help the caravan make it into the United States illegally.

He stated, “It’s clear that these people who are coming here don’t understand this President is serious.

They’re not getting into this country. And for those who do cross illegally, they’re going to be turned around, or they’re going to be sent back.”

He continued, “He’s bringing the might of the military… For anyone who gets across, they’re going to be turned around, go through the process, they’re going to be put on an airplane, and they’re going to be sent back.”

Take a look at the entire video clip:

How many warnings do these people need? We have laws in place prohibiting mass groups of illegal aliens from entering the country without proper vetting. These laws are in place to protect American citizens. It’s time for the Democratic Party to start putting the welfare of Americans before the welfare of their own votes and pockets.

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