Breaking: FBI Director Demands Names Be REDACTED From FISA Memo – Senior WH Official: Trump To Release As Written

Elder Patriot – When Christopher Wray was appointed to replace James Comey as Director of the FBI he couldn’t have imagined the extent of the corruption at the agency he was walking into.  Now he finds himself between a rock and a hard place.

Purging the upper levels of the agency of those who acted with criminal intent could effectively neuter the Bureau’s ability to manage its responsibilities effectively. 

On the other hand he can’t very well count on the current crew to perform with integrity.

It looks like Wray is playing for time.  Earlier today, Sara Carter tweeted that Wray wants all of the names redacted from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s four-page FISA memo.

The memo reportedly outlines how the DOJ and FBI committed fraud against the FISA court by presenting fake evidence to the court and then obtained a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

The following seven-minute segment from Hannity that features Rep. Matt Gaetz, Sara Carter and Gregg Jarrett may be the best synopsis of the memo’s contents and its implications.

There have also been reports that the memo summarized gross wrongdoing in the Clinton email case to save her candidacy.

If Wray is only looking for redactions of names and not the contents it signals that he would prefer to let the process take place over time so that he can replace the violators one or two at a time rather than be forced to make the wholesale housecleaning that would accompany it’s un-redacted release.

CNN is reporting that the White House is concerned that the FBI Director might quit if confronted with that scenario even though Wray has given no indication that he is considering that option.

What Wray wants makes little difference to President Trump.  According to a senior White House official Trump is going to order the memo released without the requested redactions. 

Trump has been torched by many of these same people as well as the special counsel who was appointed as a result of their criminal defamation of him.  He correctly sees them as an existential threat to his America First agenda.

The president’s patience has worn thin and he wants those who deliberately broke laws for political reasons replaced sooner rather than later. 

President Trump promised to drain the swamp and these agents stand in the way of any meaningful or far-reaching prosecutions of the much broader corruption that infects virtually every agency of government.

Trump realized that if by some chance CNN’s report is accurate and Wray quits, then he wasn’t the man for this job that the president had hoped he was when he first named him.

Trump has withstood everything thrown at him.  He stood virtually alone the entire time.  Now he is looking for men with strong backs, broad shoulders, and integrity to help him drain the swamp.