This Terrifying “Obama” Video Surfaces & it’s Far Worse Than We Originally Thought

Kirsters Baish| Our country has been having a serious issue lately when it comes to “fake news.” Both sides of the political spectrum are guilty to some extent of creating and distributing fake news, but a video of former President Barack Obama has just surfaced that will change the way people see fake news. Take a look at the video below in which you can see what appears to be former President Barack Obama saying that President Trump is a “total and complete dipsh*t.”

If you watched the video all the way until the end, you saw the screen split and actor/comedian Jordan Peele pop up, voicing the words that appear to be coming out of Obama’s mouth. Of course, Peele is a far-left Hollywood actor, so he is playing the blame game, claiming that conservatives are the ones feeding fake news to the American people. Peele paired with Buzzfeed News to create the video, which they explained was made in 56 hours. A video effects professional helped the BuzzFeed team make the video. The problem with it is the clear bias. They are right about one thing, however. This “Obama” video does prove that fake news comes in all forms, from falsified details of stories to totally fake videos which are created using voiceover effects, which means that someone with some technical ability could potentially destroy the reputation of any individual simply by literally putting words in their mouth. (No pun intended.)

Imagine if an angry lib decided to create a video like the “example” video above about President Trump. What if the video was made to look like Trump was resigning from office or made to look like he threatened to bomb Russia? Can you imagine the repercussions of such a video? If someone were to create a fake video of President Trump declaring war on Russia or threatening to bomb them, it could likely provoke an attack on the United States. Fake news has the power to put our country at risk for nuclear war. The possibility of this kind of outcome is extremely worrisome, and should scare all Americans, not just politicians. The lives of all Americans are all at risk here, not just the careers of Washington officials.

So, if there is one thing that Jordan Peele and the staff over at BuzzFeed are right about is that fake news is extremely dangerous. Maybe we should fill in our friends over at CNN just how dangerous fake news really is.