This Terrifying Democrat Memo Just Leaked Exposing The Plan For A Complete Takeover of The Internet & The End Web Freedom

Kirsters Baish| The Gateway Pundit has reported that the Senate Democrats are getting ready to circulate their idea to take total control of the internet. Within their plans are mandatory location verification, in addition to mandatory identity identification, and disclosure requirements for all when it comes to political speech.

Take a look at the link to the document. writes:

A leaked memo circulating among Senate Democrats contains a host of bonkers authoritarian proposals for regulating digital platforms, purportedly as a way to get tough on Russian bots and fake news. To save American trust in “our institutions, democracy, free press, and markets,” it suggests, we need unprecedented and undemocratic government intervention into online press and markets, including “comprehensive (GDPR-like) data protection legislation” of the sort enacted in the E.U.

The draft policy paper is titled “Potential Policy Proposals for Regulation of Social Media and Technology Firms.” It was written by Senator Mark Warner. An unknown source leaked the policy paper draft to Axios. The beginning of the paper explains that the Russians have been spreading false information for a long time now. This includes when “the Soviets tried to spread ‘fake news’ denigrating Martin Luther King.” things are different now, because of technology.

“Today’s tools seem almost built for Russian disinformation techniques,” Warner stated. He stated that what is on the horizon is far worse.

Warner made a suggestion of what we are to do. The paper makes the suggestion of pushing social media platforms to divulge all geographic locations of all user accounts and posts, thus being called mandatory location verification.

The Gateway Pundit writes:

Mandatory identity verification: The paper suggests forcing social media and tech platforms to authenticate user identities and only allow “authentic” accounts (“inauthentic accounts not only pose threats to our democratic process…but undermine the integrity of digital markets”), with “failure to appropriately address inauthentic account activity” punishable as “a violation of both SEC disclosure rules and/or Section 5 of the [Federal Trade Commission] Act.”

The paper written by Warner brings up the idea of bot labeling, which would push companies to label bots or face a penalty. Warner didn’t give any suggestion as to how to go about doing this.

Warner defines popular technology as “essential facilities,” which would be up for new rules and controls, as explained by the policy draft. The paper gave Google Maps for an example of applications. Warner wrote, “The law would not mandate that a dominant provider offer the serve for free. Rather, it would be required to offer it on reasonable and non-discriminatory terms” provided by the government.

There have been other proposals, which contain even more new requirements for political speech on the internet. They also contain higher spending in order to fight back against supposed cybersecurity threats in addition to more spending on the Federal Trade Commission. This is a requirement which corporations’ algorithms are up to be monitored and audited by the federal government.