This Is The Final Straw, Jeff Sessions Needs to Resign or Be Terminated At Once

Kirsters Baish| Former IT aide for Florida Democratic Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Imran Awan, had just about the luckiest day of his life this Tuesday when a federal judge issued him the light sentence of three months in supervised release, serving no prison time for bank fraud.

 The former IT aide could have faced a long prison sentence had he been convicted of the accusation that he was running a foreign spy ring within Congress, in addition to the accusation that he had stolen Congressional computer equipment. Awan was not charged with these crimes. He was exonerated, despite ample evidence implicating him. 

Last month, Awan entered a guilty plea to one charge of making a false statement in order to obtain a home equity loan. For this charge alone, Awan could have spent six months in jail.

The FBI affidavit that was used to indict the former IT aide proves that a condition for bank fraud against Awan would have been a piece of cake. The DOJ, however, decided to bring the charges against Imran Awan to just one count of making a false statement while filling out a home equity loan application. In doing so, Awan was able to wire $283,000 directly to Pakistan.

The DOJ got a cover-up in exchange.

Fox News writes:

The more than 40 members of the US. House of Representatives – all Democrats – who employed Awan and members of his family and associates to handle IT work now won’t have to explain anything in court. Their staffers – even the ones in offices where so much official equipment went missing, including some that showed up in one of Awan’s rental properties – won’t have to testify either.

Now no one will have to explain why Awan and his crew were paid over $4 million by those members of Congress and why so much has been done to hush this up.

Evidence proving that Awan and his team had copied data from House members’ computers to the House Democratic Caucus server quickly stacked up. The IT team had even sent data to a private Dropbox account. They even threw away the House system since they had provided false information to police in the form of a fake Democratic Caucus server. Why was none of this taken into account in Awan’s sentencing?

The whole thing was obviously just a political deal meant to protect the establishment.

United States District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, an Obama appointee, labeled the media coverage of the case “scurrilous,” claiming that Imran Awan had “suffered sufficiently.” Then, she announced his sentence.

Had the DOJ gone after Awan with the additional charges, we could have known what went on in the Congressional offices that had employed the IT team.

Fox News reports, “A trial of Awan on charges that he was part of a spy ring collecting information from House members would have necessarily dug into a lot of things the Washington establishment would rather not deal with publicly. It also would have forced investigators to follow the trail to Awan’s native country of Pakistan – something the U.S. intelligence community would rather avoid. The end result is that Awan, his wife (charges against her were dropped) and his crew are getting off easy, and Congress and the media like it this way for their own reasons.”

The big problem with this case and the lack of severity in Awan’s sentence is that justice is supposed to be blind.

Fox News writes that foreign intelligence agencies were likely aware that the Awans could easily gain access to numerous Congress members’ emails and the dates they were sent.

Clearly, justice was not served in this case. Imran Awan got away with a mere slap on the wrist when he put our country’s security at risk. The establishment covered up Awan and his team’s crimes, and in doing so, failed to honor the United States’ legal system.