The Truth About The Special Prosecutor Sessions Appointed Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Imagine

Anyone paying attention already knows that Mueller has one job and it’s not to find the truth.  Mueller’s job is to “get Trump.”  Some of us were holding out hope that Sessions was playing a slow hand and that the special prosecutor he hired, Huber, was on the up and up.

It is beginning to look that that was merely a fantasy …

The Gateway Pundit Reports: In March, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would not be appointing a second special counsel to investigate crimes committed by Obama’s FBI and DOJ.

Rather, AG Sessions revealed U.S. Attorney John Huber will be the ‘top federal prosecutor’ who will be investigating FISA abuses.

U.S. Attorney John Huber was first appointed to his position by Barack Obama in 2015.

Five months into John Huber’s FISA abuse investigation and he still has not interviewed twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Ohr is a key player in the FISA abuse scandal, so why hasn’t he been interviewed by Huber or Mueller??

Bruce Ohr was acting as a backchannel for dossier author Christopher Steele after the FBI terminated him in November of 2016 for breaking protocol by leaking to the media.

“More of a reason to wonder how effective a US Attorney [John Huber] can be cleaning up corruption in Washington when he’s based in Salt Lake City,” investigative reporter, Paul Sperry said. 

Investigative reporter John Solomon also revealed Tuesday that Robert Mueller hasn’t interviewed Bruce Ohr either.

Bruce Ohr arrived at Capitol Hill Tuesday morning for a closed-door grilling from House Oversight and House Judiciary members over his contacts with dossier author Christopher Steele.

GOP lawmakers said Tuesday afternoon that Bruce Ohr was being cooperative and answering questions at the closed-door deposition. Read More & The Gateway Pundit

What the hell is Huber, Mueller or Sessions doing if they are not interviewing the man right in the middle of all this BS???