Laura Ingraham Comes Out With The Proof That No One Coming That Says Obama is Next

Kirsters Baish| Conservative host for Fox News, Laura Ingraham, has been extremely involved in what has been going on recently in the world of politics. Most people are onto the subject of the Devin Nunes memo and exactly what this means for the Trump administration. There is something else that Ingraham has brought up involving the memo which can help explain exactly what the memo means.

Most Americans are sitting around wondering what this means for President Trump and the Russian probe, but Ingraham delved right into what the entire thing could mean for former President Barack Obama and those who were involved with his administration.

Ingraham wasted no time in pointing out that the Nunes memo had showed some serious collusion between the FBI and the Department of Justice under former President Barack Obama and the Hillary Clinton campaign. This was also during the time that James Comey was in charge of the FBI.

Ingraham stated, “Trump believed that everything in Washington had become politicized, bloated, and unmanageable. What we take away from the now-public House Intel Committee memo that was released today is that President Donald Trump once again was right.”

We all remember that President Trump had accused the Obama administration of wiretapping the Trump Tower during the time of the 2016 presidential election. Ingraham had an opinion on this as well. She stated, “I contend that this surveillance itself was designed to disrupt the election.”

Ingraham continued on to call it an “insurance policy against a Trump victory.” The left was clearly working on something much bigger than we originally thought. Let’s hope this memo gets the truth out to anyone who is willing to listen.