The Final Straw: What Mueller Just Did For Tony Podesta Proves Beyond A Doubt He’s A Hit Man

Elder Patriot – Last night Tucker Carlson reported that two sources had confirmed to him that Tony Podesta has been offered immunity to testify against Paul Manafort.  Podesta and Manafort had partnered in the past.

Podesta was a Founder of the Podesta Group along with his brother John who later was CEO of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.  Manafort served as Donald Trump’s campaign manager for a month and a half during the same campaign.

Why did Special Counsel Robert Mueller grant Tony Podesta immunity when he could’ve just as easily kicked down his door in a no-knock raid and seized what he was looking for, like he did with Manafort and Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen?  

The answer to that question is becoming obvious to even the most obtuse among us.  Coupled with former FBI Director James Comey, under orders from then Attorney General Loretta Lynch, having granted immunity to Clinton associates Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, John Bentel, Bryan Pagliano, and Paul Combetta a damning pattern of obstruction and targeting has emerged.

During the sham Clinton email investigation Comey and Lynch were chastened by then Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee:

”No wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case. They were handing out immunity deals like candy.”

Comey authorized actions that defied the most basic rules of investigations.  The proper protocol is to always “trade up” for more important “targets” before any deals are approved.  This is exactly what Mueller is doing in prosecuting Manafort and former National Security Advisor to President Trump Gen. Michael Flynn.  He’s “turning the screws” on them in the hope that they “flip” on President Trump.

Then there’s the discordant manner in which evidence in both the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump investigations have been handled.  No knock raids have become Mueller’s modus operandi.

Comey, by contrast, actually allowed Clinton’s attorneys to cull through her server to decide what FBI investigators might be allowed to see and then allowed the destruction of the server.  He also allowed the DNC to use a third party – hired and paid by the DNC – to examine the server they claimed was hacked by Russians.

Comey chose to take the word of a Clinton contractor instead of having the FBI’s cyber forensic team examine the server.  This decision alone should be enough to charge Comey with high crimes and misdemeanors.

Evidence in the Clinton investigation was destroyed – including 13 phones, tablets, and laptops beyond the unacceptable handling of the Clinton and DNC servers.

The disparate handling of both investigations leads to only one conclusion.  In the case of Clinton the only interest was in exonerating her. One the other hand, it’s get Trump at all cost.  Any other view can only be the result of partisan blinders.

Any fair minded anti-Trumper would have to admit they’d be going ballistic if Trump or his associates had destroyed evidence, or if a Republican FBI director allowed him or his associates to cull through what the FBI could see.

This conclusion is now bolstered with news of the immunity deal given to Tony Podesta.  Podesta, whose brother and business partner was privy to every policy decision Hillary Clinton was considering and who had access to influence her decisions, was making millions of dollars trading off of that knowledge and influence.

Included among those deals was 75,000 shares of Joule Unlimited, a Putin-connected Russian energy company.  For both Comey and Mueller there was “nothing to see here.” Please move along.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton amassed $2 Billion in her foundation while making a series of moronic – highly questionable just doesn’t describe them – foreign policy decisions and neither Comey nor Mueller are interested.

The argument that Comey, Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (the man now overseeing this witch-hunt) are Republicans, and therefore above reproach because the president in a Republican, is specious.

The labels – Democrat and Republican – are deliberately deceptive.  There are only Globalists and Nationalists – and they reside in both parties.  Those who represent the interests of the global-financial community and those who represent the American people.

It’s nigh team we label them in this manner and identify these Judas Iscariots as our enemies.  If we cherish our freedoms we must run these scumbuckets out of government.

They have declared war against us while we trusted them.

We cannot allow them to steal our country from our children..