Teacher Accused of Performing Oral S*x on 13-Year-Old

Kirsters Baish| A female teacher from Arizona has been accused of performing oral sex on a 13-year-old male student. The alleged incident took place in a classroom. It was also noted on court records that she told the student over and over again that she wanted him “every day with no time limit.”

27-year-old Brittany Zamora was a sixth grade teacher at Las Brisas Academy Elementary School located in Goodyear, Arizona. According to allegation against Zamora, she performed sexual acts on the male student between February 1 and March 8.

The 13-year-old boy told the police that he had sent naked pictures to Zamora in return for naked pictures of her. He went on to explain that their relationship started when Zamora “flirted” with him in a chatroom intended for school purposes.

The former elementary school teacher (who is married) allegedly sent the teenager two photos of herself, one in lingerie and one of her completely in the nude.

According to court records, the teenager told Zamora during one exchange that he wants to have sex with her again.

“I know baby!” Zamora reportedly wrote back. “I want you every day with no time limit.”

According to court documents, the former teacher sent another text message which incriminated herself. The text reportedly puts the relationship with the boy before her duties as a teacher.

It was reported that she wrote, “If I could quit my job and (have sex with) you all day long, I would.”

When the boy’s parents reported the relationship to the principal, the principal went to the police. On Wednesday, all screenshots of the text messages were sent to the authorities.

Liberty School District interim superintendent Richard Rundhaug released a statement on the school’s webpage. It read, “The safety of our students is our #1 priority. Transparency is equally important. We are fully cooperating with the Goodyear Police Department and will comment further at the appropriate time.”

The Republic reported that Zamora was taken into custody and charged with one count of transmitting obscene material to a minor. Additional charges were tacked on by a court commissioner due to probable cause. This included eight counts of sexual conduct with a minor. She was also charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of transmitting obscene material.

Zamora is being held on $250,000 bond. She has stated that she would “love to go home.”

It was later announced by the interim superintendent that Zamora was not welcome back at the school after she is released.

“This incident has been reported to the Arizona State Board of Education so they can make a determination regarding the teacher’s certification,” Rundhaug explained. “Additionally, we have school counselors and school psychologists at Las Brisas Academy today to help students and staff members cope with this incident.”

The former teacher was working at the elementary school for under a year before the allegations were made. She is due in court on Thursday.

We have seen these kind of relationships between married teachers and students in the past. They never end well, and it’s likely that this wasn’t Zamora’s first offense. Only time will tell what this woman has done in the past.