Taylor Swift’s True Colors Emerge After Calif. Police Officer Tragically Dies

Kirsters Baish| During the time that Obama was in office, we saw an overwhelming turn against law enforcement from Americans. Things were really bad. He was the president who was supposed to be able to fix race relations in our country, and it actually seems like he did more damage than good. By the time that Donald Trump entered the Oval Office, our country was so far gone.

The violence toward law enforcement officers skyrocketed. Police officers were murdered in cold blood just for being police officers in New York City, Dallas, and other cities all over the United States. Police officers don’t seem to get much back up from politicians these days either, and forget celebrities. More celebrities in our country were willing to back up the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative instead of showing their support for law enforcement and their recognition for the fact that these men and women put their lives on the line every single day in order to protect and serve.

This is extremely unfortunate, but there is still hope. Some celebrities are willing to put their reputations in Hollywood on the line in order to defend the men and women who defend us. One of these celebrities is pop singer Taylor Swift.

The Daily Caller reported:

Taylor Swift surprised the police department where Sgt. Delbert Pickney used to work by sending a heart-shaped wreath of roses in memory of the late police officer on Thursday.

Pickney, who founded two police programs during his years of service, died of a heart attack while on a hike last week in Claremont, California. On Tuesday the Tustin Police Department in Orange County received a condolence unexpectedly, which they shared on Twitter.

This isn’t the first time the Taylor Swift has done something for law enforcement. Fox News reported that in the past, Swift sent flowers to police departments to honor officers who recently lost their lives. Back in October, Swift sent flowers to the Los Angeles Police Department in order to honor a female officer who was injured in the October 1 Las Vegas Massacre.

Orange County Register reported that Sergeant Del Pickney had been with the department for 29 years. He started two police programs that made it to the national level. Police Chief Charlie Celano spoke of Pickney’s accomplishments saying, “It’s hard to find a piece of the agency he didn’t touch.”

Pickney retired last year from his full time position, however he did stay on part time with the title of master reserve officer.

Pickney graduated from Westminster High School and joined the Marine Corps. He worked as an air traffic controller in Okinawa, Japan. He then made his way into the Tustin Police Department back in 1988. He was assigned to train future chief Celano two years later.

Celano stated, “He probably could have become the police chief himself, but he preferred working alongside his officers.”

Pickney was given the nickname “The Oracle” by his coworkers. Celano explained, “He seemed to have an answer for every problem.”

It’s great to see at least one Hollywood celebrity showing some respect for our men and women in blue.