Talk About Desperate: What A NFL Team Did To This 15-Week-Old Baby Is Absurd … Charging Full Price For Ticket To Enter Stadium

Kirsters Baish| As if the NFL didn’t do enough to damage their reputation over the last couple of years, they have gone and outdone themselves this time to really put the cherry on top of the sundae in possibly the biggest slap in the face to fans. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing at all, and now the NFL has alienated a new mother by insisting that she pay full price for her 15-week-old daughter.

This leaves us questioning the NFL’s ethics as a whole… not that we weren’t already. After seeming to support players who choose to kneel for the National Anthem, the NFL has already proved to be an anti-American organization.

One mother has come forward to share her outrage after trying to go to a Green Bay Packers game and being told that she would have to pay full price for her three-month-old baby.

Take a look at the Fox News report on the issue:

Erica Johnson has been a Packers fan for years. She sat down to talk to KMSP-TV of Minneapolis, explaining the ordeal that she had been through when simply attempting to bring her baby to a Packers game at Lambeau Field. She explained that she didn’t think that her new baby would require a ticket at all, considering the fact that she would be holding her the entire time.

Johnson said “I just want them to step back and review the policy as to the rationale so that being a hometown team, family-friendly environment, the one we’ve always known the Packers to be, that kids could really enjoy that experience.”

Johnson also explained that leaving her baby at home wasn’t an option that would have worked for her at all.

“Many nursing moms understand leaving her at home for the average length of the game — three and a half to four hours — just isn’t a feasible option,” she explained.  “So you gotta figure out how to make do, which means bringing her with.”

Western Journal writes:

To be fair, the NFL does not have a league-wide policy on admitting small children. While some teams do allow children under a certain size and/or age to be admitted at no charge with parents, Green Bay is one of seven teams that requires a ticket for every person who enters the stadium, regardless of age.

As a point of reference, Disneyland — well known for excessive pricing and expensive admission tickets — doesn’t charge admission for babies under the age of 3.

The NFL’s viewership and profits have taken a huge hit over the last couple of years. You would think they would be doing everything in their power to keep fans happy at this point. Instead, they decided to take advantage of a new mother.