Susan Rice’s Statement About Trump Today Will Go Down In History As The Dumbest Thing Ever Said

Kirsters Baish| Former President Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, launched a vicious attack on President Donald Trump this week, but it wasn’t the bombshell of an attack that she had hoped for.

The former National Security Advisor said that President Trump has ruined any chance at putting an end to Iran’s nuclear program. She claimed that he did this when he decided to abandon the Obama administration era nuclear deal with Iran. This woman clearly doesn’t know what she’s getting herself into, and I’m sure she didn’t realize what a fool she was going to make of herself.

The Washington Examiner reported that in an editorial that Rice wrote for the New York Times she stated, “The president has just made the most foolish and consequential national security decision of his tenure.”

She went on, “Exactly what comes next is unclear, but we certainly will face a far worse situation than today. When the mess materializes, Mr. Trump, per standard procedure, will blame everyone else: his political opponents, his predecessor, the Europeans and the Iranians.But there will be only one person responsible: President Trump, our wrecking ball in chief.”

Clearly Rice doesn’t know what she’s saying. Obama didn’t have an answer for the situation with North Korea, but President Trump has been doing a great job of working to neutralize the situation.

The Washington Examiner writes:

Trump exited the deal after months of warnings that he would take that step unless the deal were dramatically improved. He said it needs language to stop Iran from developing ballistic missiles and sowing unrest in the region, and also to corral Iran’s nuclear program after certain requirements in the deal expire.

The Trump administration has hopes that leaving the deal with convince North Korea that the United States is in need of serious concessions in order to finalize any kind of agreement to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula. Rice didn’t agree with this sentiment.

“Instead, he is demonstrating to a far more advanced and unpredictable adversary on the eve of negotiations that the United States cannot be trusted. He has provided proximate proof that any deal the United States makes, even a successful one, may be tossed aside on the whim of this or any other president,” Rice stated.

The United States Senate never ratified the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Take a look at President Trump’s address in which he announced that the United States would be pulling out of the deal: