‘STOP!’ Howard Stern Can’t Hold It In, Drops Nuke on Dems Who Won’t Stop Blaming Guns

Kirsters Baish| New York talk radio host Howard Stern is not about to sit in the background while liberals continue to blame guns for every problem in our country. The real problem is with people who break laws, not guns. During one of his recent shows, the dirty talking host shamed the leftists who have been attacking the NRA and firearms for saying that we all become “sheep” if we keep succumbing to this line of thinking. Stern explained on his show, “I can’t believe these people come out afterwards, and their answer to [mass shootings] is to take guns away guns from the public. It’s f*ing mindblowing to me. The military…they look at the public as sheep. And think about it — we are sheep. Most of us sit around all day, we don’t know how to defend ourselves. We are in a flock, and we basically think everything’s okay.”

Listen to the following:

(WARNING: This video contains explicit language, which may be unsuitable for some audiences.)

Stern continued on saying that the bad guys are wolves and that the police are simply sheep dogs. He stated, “Except the wolves — the bad guys — whether they be ISIS, terrorists, homegrown or otherwise…the common thug, whatever…they’re wolves…The military and police look at themselves as sheep dogs…They’re protecting us.”

He decided to go into more detail about what he meant when he made the sheep dog and wolf comment saying, “Let’s use us as the analogy — we’re sheep. Every night, the wolves pick off a couple of [us]. What if I went up to the sheep and I said, ‘You wanna have a shot at the wolves? I’m going to give you a pistol. You could shoot [the wolves] and save your family.’”

Then he had an important question, “Would any sheep say, ‘[The wolves] only hurt the family down the street…The sheep dogs are out there — they’ll protect us’? But we have a sheep dog for every citizen, and the wolves are still eating you.” The radio personality explained that France has some of the most strict gun laws in the whole world, but Islamic terrorists still found a way to get their hands on military weapons and used these weapons to kill more than 100 people in 2015.

He said of France, “In France, they have the tightest gun control laws on the planet. The terrorists all had AR-15s…every kind of pistol.”

He also stated that the Nazi regime took all guns away from citizens and went on to murder millions of innocent people simply because they were minorities. Is this what is going to happen in the United States? If we allow the government to take our guns, we will essentially be allowing the government to take complete control. We will be giving up our rights.

Stern questioned, “You on the other hand, you’re a sitting duck. I’ll say to you, if you’re a sitting duck do you want a fighting chance or not?”

Stern finished his point saying, “But I’m not for taking away people’s rights. I think the answer doesn’t lie in taking any kind of ability of the sheep to protect themselves from the wolves.”