Steven Crowder Confronts Transgender Who Threatened to Slash His Tires… All Hell Breaks Loose

Kirsters Baish| Louder With Crowder’s own Steven Crowder recently confronted a transgender who threatened to slash his tires. It turns out that angry liberals are a lot braver from behind their computer screens. When it comes to real life, their threats don’t always hold true.

Crowder approached the transgender juice barista (who remains unnamed) from Austin, Texas. This individual actually posted the location that Crowder was at on social media, then threatened to slash the tires on Crowder’s vehicle in order to teach him a lesson about “never going out and making himself vulnerable again.”

The liberal activist also bragged that they were involved in vandalizing a Robert E. Lee statue located on of the University of Texas’ campus.

“I know a few people who really mean business around here,” the activist said.

“I worked with some on the Robert E. Lee statue we had on campus. That was us. We’ve done some other things, and it’s been suggested we create a chapter.”

When Steven Crowder made his way into the Texas juice bar to talk to the barista about their comments, the barista had a very different attitude. This liberal fool decided to play dumb and act as though they didn’t know who Crowder even was in the first place.

Crowder then brought in a display board with the comments that were posted online blown up and plastered all over it, just to jog the barista’s memory. The barista appeared to be extremely embarrassed at this point and claim that Crowder had to leave. Crowder would not leave, however, even after the manager stepped in.

Take a look at the video of the confrontation below:

Crowder made an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio show on Friday in order to speak about the incident. He explained that the current political climate is to blame.

“I think a lot of people aren’t aware of just how violent they are,” he told Beck, as reported by TheBlaze.

Conservative Tribune writes, “We’ve seen a lot of stuff like this on the internet — and yet, some of it has worked its way off of there. Consider the septuagenarian who was recently arrested for threatening Trump supporters and nearly ran over a GOP volunteer. That’s the world we’re in today. That’s what we’re going to be dealing with for quite some time. And if you think this is just play acting, ask Steve Scalise how this can end.”

When things were all said and done, the liberally run juice bar called the cops on Steven Crowder. Upon their arrival, Crowder filed his own report. No arrests were made, but it was pretty evident from watching the video that this angry transgender liberal ended up worse off than Crowder. Too bad this isn’t how it always ends.