Steel Worker Moved to Tears After Explaining How President Trump Has Helped American Workers

Kirsters Baish| If there’s something that most hardworking Conservative Americans agree on about President Donald Trump, it’s that he truly cares about our country. He is always fighting for the American worker, because he knows that these are the people who make our country great. On Thursday, the President made his way to a United States Steel mill that was recently reopened in Granite City, Illinois. Trump called the reopening of the mill a “great victory” and an “honor.” The President addressed the workers at the mill in a speech during his visit.

U.S. Steel officials explained that tariffs President Trump put into place moved them to reopen an old blast furnace at the mill. This reopened the opportunity for 500 jobs to be created. U.S. Steel has promised that by October of 2018, there will be 300 more jobs available. This is when the company is planning on starting up another old blast furnace.

Following the President’s speech, KSDK News caught one of the steelworkers for a quick interview. The worker became emotional and teary-eyed when talking about everything that Trump has done for the workers of our nation.

The man, who called himself Tony, explained that he was a third-generation steelworker. Around two and a half years ago, Tony was laid off from his job. He explained that while he did find work, he had to work between 70 and 80 hours every single week just to be able to pay the bills. He explained that since he has his job back at the mill, he is able to work a normal 40-hour work week and spend time with his family without having to worry about putting food on the table.

The reporter asked Tony what it means to his friends and family for him to have his job back. He began to tear up as he answered, “That we’ve got a way of life.”

“It’s just nice to know that we’ve got someone fighting for us to keep our jobs. It was rough for a lot of us,” Tony explained.

The reporter then asked the steel worker to tell Americans what he felt about the current president and the state of our country’s economy. He simply answered, “We’re back.”

Take a look at the interview in the video below: