Special Counsel Mueller Just Made A Fatal Mistake That Will Force Him to Shut Witch Hunt Down For Good Says Newt Gingrich

Kirsters Baish| Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich just revealed the one fatal flaw that corrupt Special Counsel Robert Mueller made when conducting an interview with one of President Donald Trump’s lawyers.

 Mueller’s legal team spoke with Don McGahn for 30 hours. He told them everything.

There is no reason for Robert Mueller to conduct an interview with the President. All he is trying to do is come up with some ridiculous “obstruction” charge. As of right now, things are not looking very good for Robert Mueller and his witch hunt against Trump. It’s time for this investigation to come to an end.

Fox News reported:

There is now no excuse for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to ask to interview President Trump.

In fact, it is now clear the investigators have been given so much information about the president’s actions and had such remarkably open access, they should just close shop and write their final report.

They no longer have any grounds for going to court to get a subpoena to compel the president to testify.

The New York Times aired a story on Saturday titled, “White House Counsel, Don McGahn, Has Cooperated Extensively in Mueller Inquiry.” The story revealed Mueller’s major flaw. It was reported by Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman that there were 30+ hours of interviewing between White House Counsel and Mueller’s legal team.

McGahn claimed through all of the interviews that “he never saw Mr. Trump go beyond his legal authorities.” His cooperation with Mueller’s team is surprising since the President waived executive privilege as well as attorney-client privilege. Trump did so because he is so confident in his innocence.

Fox News reports, “Accepting such a thorough and detailed briefing from the White House Counsel will ultimately hurt the efforts of Mueller’s team of left-wing Democratic lawyers. McGahn is a very widely-respected lawyer, who thoroughly understands the difference between legal and illegal behavior – and he was in the room for virtually all of President Trump’s activities.”

It’s pretty obvious that the Trump administration is okay with 30-hours of talking to Mueller’s team… because Trump did nothing wrong. This one-sided, highly irresponsible investigation is just about over. The reason Mueller was appointed to the Special Counsel in the first place was to find the truth. He has turned it into a witch hunt against President Trump. No evidence has been found, and it’s time for the madness to stop.

The first thing that Mueller did to abuse his power was hire a totally partisan team, chalked full of Democrats who hate Trump. The second thing that Mueller did was to bring up accusations which didn’t have anything to do with the Presidential election or the question of Russian collusion.

Patriot Beat writes:

…The Manafort trial is a case study in how a ruthless prosecutor can use the power of the state to intimidate and punish an individual. Manafort and his wife were awakened in their pajamas in pre-dawn hours by FBI agents conducting a raid on their residence – even though the previous day Manafort had been cooperating with the Senate’s investigative body. Furthermore, there was no evidence Manafort represented any danger of violence or flight. The early morning attack was designed to frighten Manafort and send a signal to other potential witnesses to cooperate – or else.

An extraordinary abuse of power was displayed through Mueller’s holding of Manafort in solitary confinement in a cell for 23 hours a day as he awaited trial. This level of deprivation is astonishing when done to an American citizen, who has committed no violent crimes and has not been convicted of anything. Again, it is an effort to intimidate and coerce.

Robert Mueller is aware that everyone he targets then has to lawyer-up, spending tons of money, and possibly ending up in debt. Anyone defending Mueller is either just as corrupt as he is or was just born yesterday.